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Female Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rupa (Meaning of Rupa is: Silver)
  • Rupal (Meaning of Rupal is: Made of silver)
  • Rupali (Meaning of Rupali is: Charming; Beautiful)
  • Rupashi (Meaning of Rupashi is: Beautiful)
  • Rupika (Meaning of Rupika is: Gold coin)
  • Rushda (Meaning of Rushda is: Good news)
  • Ruth (Meaning of Ruth is: Season)
  • Rutuja (Meaning of Rutuja is: Queen of seasons)
  • Ruwayda (Meaning of Ruwayda is: Walking gently)
  • Ryka (Meaning of Ryka is: Born out of a Hymn or Prayer)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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