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Female Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rajeshri (Meaning of Rajeshri is: Queen)
  • Rajeshwari (Meaning of Rajeshwari is: Goddess of a state; Princess)
  • Raji (Meaning of Raji is: Shining)
  • Rajika (Meaning of Rajika is: Lamp)
  • Rajni (Meaning of Rajni is: Night)
  • Rajul (Meaning of Rajul is: Brilliant)
  • Rakhi (Meaning of Rakhi is: Bond of protection)
  • Raksha (Meaning of Raksha is: Protection)
  • Rakti (Meaning of Rakti is: Pleasing)
  • Ramini (Meaning of Ramini is: Beautiful woman)
  • Ramita (Meaning of Ramita is: Pleasing*)
  • Ramitha (Meaning of Ramitha is: Pleasing*)
  • Ramola (Meaning of Ramola is: The one who takes interest in everything)
  • Rand (Meaning of Rand is: Tree of good scent)
  • Ranhita (Meaning of Ranhita is: Quick)
  • Rani (Meaning of Rani is: Queen)
  • Raniya (Meaning of Raniya is: Gazing)
  • Ranjan (Meaning of Ranjan is: Enjoyment)
  • Ranjana (Meaning of Ranjana is: Pleasing)
  • Ranya (Meaning of Ranya is: Pleasant)
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