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Female Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rosella (Meaning of Rosella is: Pretty rose)
  • Roshna (Meaning of Roshna is: Light*)
  • Roshni (Meaning of Roshni is: Light)
  • Rosy (Meaning of Rosy is: Deep pink)
  • Rouble (Meaning of Rouble is: Money)
  • Rozmin (Meaning of Rozmin is: Rose flower)
  • Rucha (Meaning of Rucha is: Vedic lyrics)
  • Ruchi (Meaning of Ruchi is: Light)
  • Ruchika (Meaning of Ruchika is: Shining; Beautiful; Desirous)
  • Ruchita (Meaning of Ruchita is: Splenderous)
  • Rudrakshi (Meaning of Rudrakshi is: Parvati)
  • Rudrani (Meaning of Rudrani is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Ruhani (Meaning of Ruhani is: Spiritual; Sacred; Divine)
  • Ruhi (Meaning of Ruhi is: Soul)
  • Ruhika (Meaning of Ruhika is: One that rises; Longing; Desire)
  • Rujuta (Meaning of Rujuta is: Polite)
  • Rukhmini (Meaning of Rukhmini is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Rukma (Meaning of Rukma is: Gold)
  • Ruma (Meaning of Ruma is: Vedic hymn)
  • Runa (Meaning of Runa is: Sixth month)
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