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Female Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Renuka (Meaning of Renuka is: "Name of Jamadagni)
  • Resha (Meaning of Resha is: Line)
  • Resham (Meaning of Resham is: Silk)
  • Reshma (Meaning of Reshma is: Silky)
  • Reshmi (Meaning of Reshmi is: Beauitful*)
  • Reva (Meaning of Reva is: To move)
  • Revathi (Meaning of Revathi is: Wealth)
  • Rewa (Meaning of Rewa is: Swift)
  • Rhyah (Meaning of Rhyah is: Queen of the Sun)
  • Rhythm (Meaning of Rhythm is: Music flow)
  • Ria (Meaning of Ria is: Singer)
  • Richa (Meaning of Richa is: Hymn;The writing of the Vedas)
  • Riddhi (Meaning of Riddhi is: Fortunate)
  • Riddhima (Meaning of Riddhima is: Fortunate)
  • Ridhima (Meaning of Ridhima is: Full of love)
  • Rihana (Meaning of Rihana is: Sweet basil*)
  • Rijuta (Meaning of Rijuta is: Innocense)
  • Rikisha (Meaning of Rikisha is: Rose*)
  • Rima (Meaning of Rima is: Goddess Durga)
  • Rimpy (Meaning of Rimpy is: Pretty a)
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