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Female Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rina (Meaning of Rina is: Dissolved)
  • Risha (Meaning of Risha is: Saintly*)
  • Rishika (Meaning of Rishika is: Saintly)
  • Rishima (Meaning of Rishima is: Moonbeam)
  • Rishita (Meaning of Rishita is: The best)
  • Rita (Meaning of Rita is: Way of life a)
  • Rithika (Meaning of Rithika is: Of a stream)
  • Riti (Meaning of Riti is: Motion)
  • Ritika (Meaning of Ritika is: Movement)
  • Ritsika (Meaning of Ritsika is: Traditional)
  • Ritu (Meaning of Ritu is: Season)
  • Riya (Meaning of Riya is: Flower)
  • Rochi (Meaning of Rochi is: Light)
  • Rohini (Meaning of Rohini is: Moon)
  • Roma (Meaning of Roma is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Romila (Meaning of Romila is: Heartfelt)
  • Roop (Meaning of Roop is: Look)
  • Roopa (Meaning of Roopa is: Blessed with beauty)
  • Roopali (Meaning of Roopali is: Pretty)
  • Roopini (Meaning of Roopini is: Beautiful appearance)
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