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Female Baby Names Starting with "K"

  • Kirti (Meaning of Kirti is: Fame)
  • Kiruba (Meaning of Kiruba is: Grace of God*)
  • Kishori (Meaning of Kishori is: Young damsel)
  • Kitti (Meaning of Kitti is: Dimunitive of Katherine)
  • Kohana (Meaning of Kohana is: Little flower)
  • Kokila (Meaning of Kokila is: A Cuckoo)
  • Komal (Meaning of Komal is: Soft)
  • Komali (Meaning of Komali is: Tender)
  • Kouther (Meaning of Kouther is: River in Jennah)
  • Kripa (Meaning of Kripa is: Compassion)
  • Kripi (Meaning of Kripi is: Beautiful)
  • Kripita (Meaning of Kripita is: Beautiful)
  • Krita (Meaning of Krita is: Perfection)
  • Kriti (Meaning of Kriti is: Action; Creation)
  • Kritika (Meaning of Kritika is: Well Starred)
  • Krittika (Meaning of Krittika is: Name of a star)
  • Krupa (Meaning of Krupa is: God's forgiveness)
  • Kruti (Meaning of Kruti is: Creation)
  • Kshama (Meaning of Kshama is: Flame)
  • Kshamya (Meaning of Kshamya is: Earth)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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