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Female Baby Names Starting with "K"

  • Keshini (Meaning of Keshini is: One with beautiful hair)
  • Kesini (Meaning of Kesini is: One with beautiful hair)
  • Ketki (Meaning of Ketki is: Flower)
  • Keva (Meaning of Keva is: Lotus)
  • Keya (Meaning of Keya is: Flower)
  • Keyuri (Meaning of Keyuri is: Armlet)
  • Khairiya (Meaning of Khairiya is: Charitable; Good)
  • Khanak Khalida (Meaning of Khanak Khalida is: Sound of the bangles)
  • Khevna (Meaning of Khevna is: Wish*)
  • Khulood (Meaning of Khulood is: Immortality)
  • Khushboo (Meaning of Khushboo is: Fragarance)
  • Khushi (Meaning of Khushi is: Happiness)
  • Khyath (Meaning of Khyath is: Famous)
  • Kiah (Meaning of Kiah is: A new beginning*)
  • Kiara (Meaning of Kiara is: Russian)
  • Kina (Meaning of Kina is: Little one*)
  • Kinaari (Meaning of Kinaari is: Shore)
  • Kinnari (Meaning of Kinnari is: Musical Instrument)
  • Kintuben (Meaning of Kintuben is: A beautiful athlete)
  • Kirati (Meaning of Kirati is: Goddess Durga)
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