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Female Baby Names Starting with "K"

  • Kaumudi (Meaning of Kaumudi is: Full moon)
  • Kauser (Meaning of Kauser is: A river in paradise)
  • Kaushali (Meaning of Kaushali is: Skillful)
  • Kaushalya (Meaning of Kaushalya is: Lord Rama's mother)
  • Kaustubhi (Meaning of Kaustubhi is: Stone in Lord Vishnu's necklace)
  • Kaveri (Meaning of Kaveri is: A river)
  • Kavish (Meaning of Kavish is: King of poets)
  • Kavita (Meaning of Kavita is: Poetry)
  • Kavni (Meaning of Kavni is: A small poem)
  • Kavya (Meaning of Kavya is: Poem)
  • Kawkab (Meaning of Kawkab is: Satellite)
  • Kawthar (Meaning of Kawthar is: River in Paradise)
  • Kaya (Meaning of Kaya is: Wealth; Flower)
  • Kecia (Meaning of Kecia is: Beautiful rain)
  • Keertana (Meaning of Keertana is: Song)
  • Keerthi (Meaning of Keerthi is: Eternal flame)
  • Keiyona (Meaning of Keiyona is: Morning Star)
  • Keny (Meaning of Keny is: Bright)
  • Keosha (Meaning of Keosha is: Lovely)
  • Kerry (Meaning of Kerry is: Dark one)
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