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Female Baby Names Starting with "K"

  • Kaajal (Meaning of Kaajal is: Muscara)
  • Kaamil (Meaning of Kaamil is: Perfect)
  • Kaamla (Meaning of Kaamla is: Perfect)
  • Kaasni (Meaning of Kaasni is: Flower)
  • Kadambari (Meaning of Kadambari is: Female cuckoo)
  • Kahkashan (Meaning of Kahkashan is: Stars)
  • Kaia (Meaning of Kaia is: Stability)
  • Kairavi (Meaning of Kairavi is: Moonlight)
  • Kajol (Meaning of Kajol is: Eye liner)
  • Kajri (Meaning of Kajri is: Light as a cloud)
  • Kakoli (Meaning of Kakoli is: The preaching of a bird)
  • Kakshi (Meaning of Kakshi is: Of jungle; Perfume; Fragrant earth)
  • Kala (Meaning of Kala is: Art)
  • Kali (Meaning of Kali is: Bud)
  • Kalika (Meaning of Kalika is: Loud)
  • Kalima (Meaning of Kalima is: Blackish)
  • Kalini (Meaning of Kalini is: Flower)
  • Kalpana (Meaning of Kalpana is: Imagination)
  • Kalpita (Meaning of Kalpita is: Imaginary)
  • Kamala (Meaning of Kamala is: Goddess Lakshmi)
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