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Male Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Munjal (Meaning of Munjal is: King of Gujarat)
  • Munthir (Meaning of Munthir is: Cautioner)
  • Muralidhar (Meaning of Muralidhar is: Lord Krishna)
  • Murari (Meaning of Murari is: Flute)
  • Murli (Meaning of Murli is: Lord Krishna)
  • Mustafa (Meaning of Mustafa is: Prophet Muhammad name)
  • Mustafa Mustafa (Meaning of Mustafa Mustafa is: Chosen)
  • Mutasim (Meaning of Mutasim is: Adhering)
  • Mutazz (Meaning of Mutazz is: Proud; Mighty)
  • Muthu (Meaning of Muthu is: Pearl)
  • Muwafaq (Meaning of Muwafaq is: Successful)
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