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Male Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Moh (Meaning of Moh is: Love)
  • Mohak (Meaning of Mohak is: Attractive)
  • Mohin (Meaning of Mohin is: Fascinating)
  • Mohit (Meaning of Mohit is: Charming)
  • Mohul (Meaning of Mohul is: Attractive)
  • Moksh (Meaning of Moksh is: Salvation)
  • Moosa (Meaning of Moosa is: A Prophet's name)
  • Moti (Meaning of Moti is: Pearl)
  • Mrinal (Meaning of Mrinal is: Lotus)
  • Mritheya (Meaning of Mritheya is: Having a lot of friends)
  • Mudil (Meaning of Mudil is: Moonshine)
  • Muhannad (Meaning of Muhannad is: Sword)
  • Muhsin (Meaning of Muhsin is: Beneficent; Charitable )
  • Mukesh (Meaning of Mukesh is: Lord Shiva; lord of joy)
  • Mukul (Meaning of Mukul is: Soul)
  • Mukund (Meaning of Mukund is: Lord Krishna)
  • Mukut (Meaning of Mukut is: Crown)
  • Mullinti (Meaning of Mullinti is: Lord Shiva)
  • Munawwar (Meaning of Munawwar is: Bright)
  • Muni (Meaning of Muni is: Village God)
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