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Male Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Manhar (Meaning of Manhar is: Lord Krishna)
  • Mani (Meaning of Mani is: Gem)
  • Manik (Meaning of Manik is: Ruby)
  • Manish (Meaning of Manish is: Lord of the mind)
  • Manjot (Meaning of Manjot is: Light of your heart)
  • Manjunath (Meaning of Manjunath is: King of heart)
  • Manmohan (Meaning of Manmohan is: Lord Krishna)
  • Mannan (Meaning of Mannan is: Thought)
  • Manohar (Meaning of Manohar is: Handsome)
  • Manoj (Meaning of Manoj is: Mental love)
  • Mansour (Meaning of Mansour is: Aided)
  • Mansukh (Meaning of Mansukh is: Pleasing)
  • Manu (Meaning of Manu is: Lord Manu)
  • Manuel (Meaning of Manuel is: Powerful)
  • Manyu (Meaning of Manyu is: Mind)
  • Mardav (Meaning of Mardav is: Simple)
  • Martand (Meaning of Martand is: Sun)
  • Maruti (Meaning of Maruti is: Lord Hanuman)
  • Masoud (Meaning of Masoud is: Happy)
  • Matheysh (Meaning of Matheysh is: Lord Shiva)
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