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Male Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Diliso (Meaning of Diliso is: Beautiful sky)
  • Dinesh (Meaning of Dinesh is: Sun)
  • Dipen (Meaning of Dipen is: Lord Of Lamps)
  • Dipendu (Meaning of Dipendu is: moon)
  • Dipesh (Meaning of Dipesh is: Lord of light)
  • Dipu (Meaning of Dipu is: Flame)
  • Divakar (Meaning of Divakar is: The Sun)
  • Divij (Meaning of Divij is: One who has appeared from heav)
  • Divit (Meaning of Divit is: Immortal)
  • Divjot (Meaning of Divjot is: Divine ligh)
  • Divyanshu (Meaning of Divyanshu is: Parts of DEV)
  • Divyesh (Meaning of Divyesh is: Full of Divinity)
  • Drake (Meaning of Drake is: Dragon)
  • Drewv (Meaning of Drewv is: North star)
  • Dulal (Meaning of Dulal is: Loved one)
  • Durijesh (Meaning of Durijesh is: Moon)
  • Dushyant (Meaning of Dushyant is: Destroyer of evil)
  • Dwij (Meaning of Dwij is: Saint)
  • Dwijain (Meaning of Dwijain is: Moon)
  • Dyaus (Meaning of Dyaus is: King of heaven and the first m)
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