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Male Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Dayashankar (Meaning of Dayashankar is: Merciful Lord Shiva)
  • Debjit (Meaning of Debjit is: One who has conquered Gods)
  • Deep (Meaning of Deep is: Light)
  • Deepak (Meaning of Deepak is: Lamps)
  • Deepdas (Meaning of Deepdas is: Servant of Light)
  • Deepinder (Meaning of Deepinder is: God"s Light)
  • Deepsharn (Meaning of Deepsharn is: Deep Search)
  • Dehabhuj (Meaning of Dehabhuj is: Another name of Lord Shiva)
  • Denise (Meaning of Denise is: God Of wine)
  • Dev (Meaning of Dev is: Divinity)
  • Devadarsana (Meaning of Devadarsana is: Familiar with Gods)
  • Devaj (Meaning of Devaj is: From God)
  • Devak (Meaning of Devak is: Divine)
  • Devan (Meaning of Devan is: Like a God)
  • Devang (Meaning of Devang is: From a God)
  • Devank (Meaning of Devank is: Godly)
  • Devansh (Meaning of Devansh is: Part Of god)
  • Devaraj (Meaning of Devaraj is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Devarsh (Meaning of Devarsh is: God's Gift)
  • Devashish (Meaning of Devashish is: Lord BLESS)
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