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Male Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Dharamjyot (Meaning of Dharamjyot is: Light of righteousness and vir)
  • Dharampreet (Meaning of Dharampreet is: Love Of Faith)
  • Dharamsheel (Meaning of Dharamsheel is: Holy)
  • Dharmender (Meaning of Dharmender is: Lord of Dharma)
  • Dharmesh (Meaning of Dharmesh is: Lord of righteousness)
  • Dharmik (Meaning of Dharmik is: Regilous)
  • Dharmpal (Meaning of Dharmpal is: The supporter of righteousness)
  • Dhaval (Meaning of Dhaval is: AFair One)
  • Dhigana (Meaning of Dhigana is: Masti)
  • Dhir (Meaning of Dhir is: Wise)
  • Dhiraj (Meaning of Dhiraj is: Patience)
  • Dhiren (Meaning of Dhiren is: Stronge)
  • Dhrupad (Meaning of Dhrupad is: Lord Krishna)
  • Dhruv (Meaning of Dhruv is: A star)
  • Dhruva (Meaning of Dhruva is: Son of Uttanapad)
  • Dhumal (Meaning of Dhumal is: Purple)
  • Dhureen (Meaning of Dhureen is: Accomplished)
  • Dhyanam (Meaning of Dhyanam is: Attentive)
  • Diler (Meaning of Diler is: BRAVE)
  • Dilip (Meaning of Dilip is: Protector)
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