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Male Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Daksh (Meaning of Daksh is: Precious son)
  • Dakshesh (Meaning of Dakshesh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Dalbir (Meaning of Dalbir is: Solider)
  • Daljeet (Meaning of Daljeet is: The conqueror of forces)
  • Daman (Meaning of Daman is: Controller)
  • Daniel (Meaning of Daniel is: God is my judge)
  • Danish (Meaning of Danish is: To be clever)
  • Danvir (Meaning of Danvir is: Charitable)
  • Darpad (Meaning of Darpad is: Lord Shiva)
  • Darpan (Meaning of Darpan is: Mirror)
  • Darsh (Meaning of Darsh is: Lord Krishna)
  • Darshan (Meaning of Darshan is: Paying Respect)
  • Dasharath (Meaning of Dasharath is: Father of Lord Ram)
  • Dasharathi (Meaning of Dasharathi is: Lord Rama)
  • Datta (Meaning of Datta is: Given)
  • Dattatreya (Meaning of Dattatreya is: Given by Atri)
  • Daulat (Meaning of Daulat is: Wealth)
  • Dawoud (Meaning of Dawoud is: A Prophet's name)
  • Dayakar (Meaning of Dayakar is: Merciful Lord Shiva)
  • Dayaram (Meaning of Dayaram is: Merciful)
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