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Male Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Nishthavant (Meaning of Nishthavant is: Trustworthy)
  • Niswarth (Meaning of Niswarth is: no selfishness)
  • Niteesh (Meaning of Niteesh is: God of Law)
  • Nitesh (Meaning of Nitesh is: Master of the right path)
  • Nitin (Meaning of Nitin is: New)
  • Nitish (Meaning of Nitish is: Lord Krishna's name)
  • Nooh (Meaning of Nooh is: A Prophet's name)
  • Noor Udeen (Meaning of Noor Udeen is: Brightness of the Faith)
  • Nrip (Meaning of Nrip is: King)
  • Nripa (Meaning of Nripa is: King)
  • Nripesh (Meaning of Nripesh is: Lord of kings)
  • Nu (Meaning of Nu is: Praise)
  • Nu'man (Meaning of Nu'man is: (Blood) Old Arabic name)
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