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Male Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Natheer (Meaning of Natheer is: Warner)
  • Natwar (Meaning of Natwar is: Lord Krishna)
  • Navashen (Meaning of Navashen is: The one who brings hope)
  • Navdeep (Meaning of Navdeep is: New flame; New Shine)
  • Naveen (Meaning of Naveen is: New)
  • Navin (Meaning of Navin is: New)
  • Navjot (Meaning of Navjot is: The new light)
  • Navrang (Meaning of Navrang is: Colourful)
  • Navtej (Meaning of Navtej is: New Light)
  • Nayakan (Meaning of Nayakan is: Hero)
  • Nayan (Meaning of Nayan is: Eye)
  • Neel (Meaning of Neel is: The colour blue)
  • Neeraj (Meaning of Neeraj is: Lotus)
  • Nehal (Meaning of Nehal is: The one who is gratified)
  • Neil (Meaning of Neil is: Blue)
  • Nicholas (Meaning of Nicholas is: People of victory)
  • Nihal (Meaning of Nihal is: Content)
  • Nihar (Meaning of Nihar is: Mist; Fog; Dew)
  • Nikash (Meaning of Nikash is: Horizon)
  • Niket (Meaning of Niket is: Home)
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