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Male Baby Names Starting with "L"

  • Labh (Meaning of Labh is: Gain)
  • Lahar (Meaning of Lahar is: Wave)
  • Lakhan (Meaning of Lakhan is: Lord Rama's brother)
  • Lakshan (Meaning of Lakshan is: Aim)
  • Lakshay (Meaning of Lakshay is: Target)
  • Lakshya (Meaning of Lakshya is: Target)
  • Lalam (Meaning of Lalam is: Jewel)
  • Lali (Meaning of Lali is: Blushing)
  • Lalit (Meaning of Lalit is: "Of great beauty, beautiful")
  • Lambodhar (Meaning of Lambodhar is: Lord Ganesh)
  • Laniban (Meaning of Laniban is: Lord Shiva)
  • Lankesh (Meaning of Lankesh is: Ravan)
  • Larraj (Meaning of Larraj is: A sage)
  • Laven (Meaning of Laven is: Fragrance)
  • Lavitra (Meaning of Lavitra is: Lord Shiva)
  • Laxman (Meaning of Laxman is: Lord Rama's brother)
  • Layak (Meaning of Layak is: Capable)
  • Lekh (Meaning of Lekh is: Document)
  • Lemar (Meaning of Lemar is: Talented One)
  • Leon (Meaning of Leon is: Lion)
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