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Male Baby Names Starting with "H"

  • Harikrishna (Meaning of Harikrishna is: Lord Swaminarayan)
  • Harina (Meaning of Harina is: Deer)
  • Harinder (Meaning of Harinder is: Lord)
  • Haripreet (Meaning of Haripreet is: Beloved Of Gods)
  • Haris (Meaning of Haris is: Protector)
  • Harish (Meaning of Harish is: Lord Krishna)
  • Harith (Meaning of Harith is: Green colour)
  • Harjas (Meaning of Harjas is: A praised Of God)
  • Harjeet (Meaning of Harjeet is: God's triumph)
  • Harjit (Meaning of Harjit is: Victor)
  • Harjyot (Meaning of Harjyot is: God Light)
  • Harman (Meaning of Harman is: Everybody's beloved)
  • Harmeet (Meaning of Harmeet is: God's Friend)
  • Harmendra (Meaning of Harmendra is: Moon)
  • Haroon (Meaning of Haroon is: Hope)
  • Harpal (Meaning of Harpal is: One protected by God)
  • Harsh (Meaning of Harsh is: Joy)
  • Harshad (Meaning of Harshad is: Happy)
  • Harshil (Meaning of Harshil is: Joyful)
  • Harshit (Meaning of Harshit is: Joyful)
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