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Male Baby Names Starting with "H"

  • Het (Meaning of Het is: Love)
  • Himal (Meaning of Himal is: Cool)
  • Himalay (Meaning of Himalay is: Moutain)
  • Himanish (Meaning of Himanish is: Lord Shiva)
  • Himank (Meaning of Himank is: Diamond)
  • Himanshu (Meaning of Himanshu is: moon)
  • Himmat (Meaning of Himmat is: Brave)
  • Hiranmay (Meaning of Hiranmay is: Like Gold)
  • Hiranya (Meaning of Hiranya is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Hiren (Meaning of Hiren is: Lord genius)
  • Hiresh (Meaning of Hiresh is: King of precious stones)
  • Hitendra (Meaning of Hitendra is: Well wisher)
  • Hitesh (Meaning of Hitesh is: Lord of goodness)
  • Houd (Meaning of Houd is: A Prophet's name )
  • Hridank (Meaning of Hridank is: Prefernce of heart)
  • Hriday (Meaning of Hriday is: Heart)
  • Hrishi (Meaning of Hrishi is: Pleasure)
  • Hrishikesh (Meaning of Hrishikesh is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Hritik (Meaning of Hritik is: Name of a Sage)
  • Hrydayesh (Meaning of Hrydayesh is: Lord of hearts)
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