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Female Baby Names Starting with "Y"

  • Yousha (Meaning of Yousha is: Young girl)
  • Yubhashana (Meaning of Yubhashana is: Goddess Mahalakshmi)
  • Yuktha (Meaning of Yuktha is: Bounded with Goddess Lakshmi charms)
  • Yukti (Meaning of Yukti is: A device)
  • Yumn (Meaning of Yumn is: Good fortune; Success)
  • Yunuen (Meaning of Yunuen is: God's wife)
  • Yusraa (Meaning of Yusraa is: Proper name)
  • Yutika (Meaning of Yutika is: Flower)
  • Yuvarani (Meaning of Yuvarani is: Young Queen)
  • Yuvati (Meaning of Yuvati is: Young lady)
  • Yuvna (Meaning of Yuvna is: Young; Strong; Healthy)
  • Yuvraani (Meaning of Yuvraani is: Princess)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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