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Female Baby Names Starting with "Y"

  • Yashita (Meaning of Yashita is: Successful)
  • Yashna (Meaning of Yashna is: One with fame)
  • Yashoda (Meaning of Yashoda is: Foster mother of Lord Krishna)
  • Yashodhara (Meaning of Yashodhara is: Glory)
  • Yashvi (Meaning of Yashvi is: Fame)
  • Yashwini (Meaning of Yashwini is: To succeed*)
  • Yasmeen (Meaning of Yasmeen is: Jasmine)
  • Yasmin (Meaning of Yasmin is: Jasmine)
  • Yasti (Meaning of Yasti is: Slim)
  • Yavna (Meaning of Yavna is: Quick; Swift)
  • Yayaati (Meaning of Yayaati is: Wanderer; Traveller*)
  • Yema (Meaning of Yema is: Our Joy*)
  • Yesha (Meaning of Yesha is: Fame*)
  • Yochana (Meaning of Yochana is: Thought)
  • Yoga (Meaning of Yoga is: An art of achieving happiness)
  • Yogita (Meaning of Yogita is: A female disciple)
  • Yojana (Meaning of Yojana is: Planning*)
  • Yolotzyn (Meaning of Yolotzyn is: Little Heart)
  • Yonita (Meaning of Yonita is: Dove)
  • Yoshita (Meaning of Yoshita is: Women)
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