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Female Baby Names Starting with "H"

  • Hiranmayi (Meaning of Hiranmayi is: Like a deer)
  • Hitaishi (Meaning of Hitaishi is: Well wisher)
  • Hitee (Meaning of Hitee is: Love and care)
  • Hiteshree (Meaning of Hiteshree is: Goddess Laxmi's second name)
  • Hiya (Meaning of Hiya is: Heart, Happiness")
  • Hooriya (Meaning of Hooriya is: Angel)
  • Hridya (Meaning of Hridya is: Heart)
  • Hridyesha (Meaning of Hridyesha is: Heart)
  • Huda (Meaning of Huda is: Right guidance)
  • Huma (Meaning of Huma is: Bird of paradise)
  • Humaila (Meaning of Humaila is: Golden Necklace)
  • Husn (Meaning of Husn is: Beauty)
  • Hyma (Meaning of Hyma is: Goddess Parvathi)
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