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Female Baby Names Starting with "H"

  • Hemanti (Meaning of Hemanti is: Of winter)
  • Hemavati (Meaning of Hemavati is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Hemlata (Meaning of Hemlata is: Golden flower)
  • Hena (Meaning of Hena is: Flower)
  • Henna (Meaning of Henna is: Mehndi)
  • Hera (Meaning of Hera is: Queen of Gods)
  • Hessa (Meaning of Hessa is: Destiny)
  • Hetal (Meaning of Hetal is: Happy)
  • Heti (Meaning of Heti is: Sun ray)
  • Hiba (Meaning of Hiba is: Gift)
  • Hibah (Meaning of Hibah is: A gift from God)
  • Hili (Meaning of Hili is: Dancer)
  • Hilla (Meaning of Hilla is: Timid)
  • Hima (Meaning of Hima is: Snow)
  • Himadri (Meaning of Himadri is: Peak of snow; The Himalaya mountain)
  • Himani (Meaning of Himani is: Gourie)
  • Himanshi (Meaning of Himanshi is: Part of snow)
  • Hina (Meaning of Hina is: A shrub)
  • Hind (Meaning of Hind is: Proper name)
  • Hira (Meaning of Hira is: Diamond)
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