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Female Baby Names Starting with "H"

  • Harley (Meaning of Harley is: Place name*)
  • Harsha (Meaning of Harsha is: Joyful)
  • Harshada (Meaning of Harshada is: Giver of Joy)
  • Harshal (Meaning of Harshal is: Glad)
  • Harshi (Meaning of Harshi is: Joyous)
  • Harshini Harshini (Meaning of Harshini Harshini is: Joyful)
  • Harshita (Meaning of Harshita is: Joyful)
  • Harsika (Meaning of Harsika is: Laugh)
  • Hasita (Meaning of Hasita is: Full of laughter)
  • Hasna (Meaning of Hasna is: Beautiful)
  • Hayat (Meaning of Hayat is: Life)
  • Heather (Meaning of Heather is: Flower)
  • Heena (Meaning of Heena is: Mehendi*)
  • Heer (Meaning of Heer is: Generous and understanding)
  • Heera (Meaning of Heera is: Dimond)
  • Hela (Meaning of Hela is: Moonlight)
  • Hema (Meaning of Hema is: Gold)
  • Hemadri (Meaning of Hemadri is: Golden hills)
  • Hemali (Meaning of Hemali is: To bring wealth)
  • Hemani (Meaning of Hemani is: Goddess Parvati)
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