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Female Baby Names Starting with "G"

  • Gina (Meaning of Gina is: Silvery)
  • Ginni (Meaning of Ginni is: Precious gold coin)
  • Gira (Meaning of Gira is: Language)
  • Giraja (Meaning of Giraja is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Girija (Meaning of Girija is: Daughter of Mountain; Goddess Parvati)
  • Gita (Meaning of Gita is: Holy Book)
  • Gitali (Meaning of Gitali is: Melodious)
  • Gitanjali (Meaning of Gitanjali is: Melodious tribute)
  • Gitashri (Meaning of Gitashri is: The Bhagvat Gita)
  • Giva (Meaning of Giva is: Hill)
  • Godavari (Meaning of Godavari is: Sacred river of India)
  • Goldy (Meaning of Goldy is: Made of gold)
  • Gomti (Meaning of Gomti is: A river)
  • Gopa (Meaning of Gopa is: Gautama's wife)
  • Gowri (Meaning of Gowri is: Bright; Parvati)
  • Griffin (Meaning of Griffin is: Fierce)
  • Gruev (Meaning of Gruev is: Vigilant)
  • Guhika (Meaning of Guhika is: Voice of a bird)
  • Gulab (Meaning of Gulab is: Rose)
  • Gulika (Meaning of Gulika is: A pearl)
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