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Female Baby Names Starting with "G"

  • Gabrielle (Meaning of Gabrielle is: The heroine of God)
  • Gajalakshmi (Meaning of Gajalakshmi is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Gajra (Meaning of Gajra is: Flowers)
  • Gandhali (Meaning of Gandhali is: Sweet scent)
  • Ganga (Meaning of Ganga is: Sacred river)
  • Gangika (Meaning of Gangika is: River)
  • Ganika (Meaning of Ganika is: Flower)
  • Ganjan (Meaning of Ganjan is: Exceding)
  • Gargi (Meaning of Gargi is: Wise woman)
  • Garima (Meaning of Garima is: Warmth)
  • Gauri (Meaning of Gauri is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Gaurika (Meaning of Gaurika is: Pretty young girl)
  • Gayathri (Meaning of Gayathri is: Phased; Verse)
  • Gayatri (Meaning of Gayatri is: Goddess Saraswati)
  • Gazala (Meaning of Gazala is: A deer)
  • Geet (Meaning of Geet is: Melody)
  • Geeta (Meaning of Geeta is: Holy book of the hindus)
  • Geeti (Meaning of Geeti is: Melody)
  • Geetika (Meaning of Geetika is: A small song)
  • Ghaada (Meaning of Ghaada is: Beautiful)
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