Know about your Nakshatra and detailed insight into it to know what it means or effects of Nakshatras on your life.

One of 27 principle asterisms (star clusters, also called Lunar Mansions) in the Hindu system of astrology. Usually refers to one's birth star. In this sense, a person's Nakshatra is determined by drawing a straight line from the earth through the moon at the exact time of birth and noting the group of stars the line points toward. The Nakshatra is an important factor in determining the characteristics of an individual.

A Nakshatra is completed when the Nirayana longitude of the Moon as measured from the fixed initial point attains a value of 13° 20' or a multiple thereof. When the longitude is 13°20', the first Nakshatra (i.e.. Ashvini) ends, the same is 26°40' the second Nakshatra (Bharani) ends and so on. There are thus 27 Nakshatra which completes the circle of 360°. National Calendar of India - The year of National Calendar begins from March 22 in an ordinary year and March 21 in a leap year.

Many of Traditional Astrologers don't take pain in going deeply into the placement of planets into the particular Nakshatra and just give predictions on the signs in which they are placed but we at calculate and find out the Nakshatra and even their Sub lords (Up-Nakshatra), thereby ensuring accurate predictions.

If you know what your Nakshatra is, click on any of the signs below for a detailed insight from me into what it all means.
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