Swati Nakshatra


The fourteenth nakshatra is known for its materialistic desires.

  • Zodiac Range  6o 40' - 20o 00' Libra
  • Ruling Planet  Rahu
  • Deity  Vayu, God of Wind
  • Symbol  Blade of Grass swayed by the wind, Coral, Sword
  • Gana  Butcher
  • Quality  Chara (Moveable)
  • Caste  Butcher
  • Animal  Male Buffalo
  • Bird  Pigeon
  • Tree  Queen's Flower


This nakshatra fully belongs to the Libra rasi and the ruling planet is Rahu. Svati in Sanskrit also have a meaning “Sword” “independent”, and “the one who does good things”. The symbol of Swati is a “Young Sprout Swayed by Wind”. This indicates the power to withstand the struggles in life. The young sprout is not falling, but it is adjusting itself according to the wind. Swati comes from the Sanskrit words “Su” (very good) and “Ati” (goer). One meaning of Swati is a “great mover,” indicating their restless nature and unstable style.

The ruler of this nakshatra is “Rahu” the planet for materialistic desires. The desire for materialism can push them into long-term debt as well. It is also the planet for shrewdness.

Being to the air sign of Libra, Swati nakshatra can grow strong as time advances. The rasi lord Venus has a lot of influence in this nakshatra as we can see Swati natives are very creative. Libra is an air sign and the deity of this nakshatra is wind and we can see the deity of this nakshatra is “ Vayu” it is also the God of life”. Swati natives have a great desire to grow and do great things in life. Nothing can stop them, but at times, they don't realize how strong they are. They like rare things in their life. At times, they have no clue what to do, they waste time in their life, unless someone comes to them and tells them what they need to do. Swati natives don't like someone criticizing them. Like the Sapling, the Swati native doesn't like to cheat someone.

In astrology, the air is the symbol of intelligence, so Swati natives are very intelligent and at times they underestimate others. They don't like some criticizing them, but they criticize others. Swati natives always remember the events in their childhood and often get disturbed. Despite this nakshatra being in Libra, Swati natives are very stubborn and not at all diplomatic.

Like the sapling which moves in the wind, Swati natives always are moving and they will be majorly unsteady with their thoughts. They are hyperactive and very impulsive too. Swati natives want to enjoy their life in a very materialistic way. The rasi lord Venus is the planet for material pleasure, the Swati natives do like all the material comforts.

The pineal gland is present in the 7th house of the natural zodiac wheel, ruled by Libra, so the Swati natives will have an affinity for spiritual practices like yoga. However, Swati natives punish themselves for their actions.

Since the symbol of Swati is Sword too, these natives do like to play with a knife or any sharp objects. We can see a lot of butchers with this nakshatra. They are professional hikers and trekkers as well.

This nakshatra possesses a lot of qualities of Hanuman, who is the son of the deity “Vayu”. This is a very service-oriented nakshatra and will be dedicated to their duties. Saturn, the planet for service is exalted in this sign. Hanuman was dedicated to the service of Lord Ram.

Swati natives like to keep themselves away from any kind of arguments, to maintain harmony. They generally procrastinate as they want to take a proper decision. They are jack of all trades, but they don't master anything.

Swati natives generally have a slim and well proportionate body. They like to keep a smiling face as the rasi lord Venus is a very pleasing planet. They like to learn about new ideas and changes, but they may take a long time to get adapted to them. They like to set long-term goals than short-term ones. Swati natives like to socialize, but they don't like to be dependent on anyone. This nature will make others feel that Swati native is a selfish person. They don't like explaining the reason for their action.

You are soft spoken and have a sweet speech. You are a kind and caring person, You are and intelligent person, have sense of logic ,are honest and sympathetic , Peaceful and good-natured, Skilled ,educated, religious and will be honored by Govt.

Deity : Vayu

Careers ideally suited for you: Many of those born under this Nakshatra will be involved in religious or social work. Other options are transport, tourist, art, decoration, drama, scientist. Professions related to medicine and drugs, chemicals, precious metals and travel industry are also beneficial.

Health troubles: Those born under this Nakshatra could suffer from urinary trouble, heart trouble, abdominal problems, eczema, Brigit's disease, skin trouble, leprosy.

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