Vishakha Nakshatra


The nakshatra of oneness

The nakshatra ruled by two controversial deities Indra and Agni indicates a lot of transformations.

  • Zodiac Range  20o 00'Libra - 3o 20' Scorpio
  • Ruling Planet  Jupiter
  • Deity  Indragni
  • Symbol  Triumphal Arch, Potter's wheel
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Misra (Sharp and Soft)
  • Caste  Mleccha (Outcaste)
  • Animal  Male Tiger
  • Bird  Red Tail Hawk
  • Tree  Wood Apple
  • Sounds  Tee, Too, Tay, Tow
  • Yoga Tara  21º Libra
  • Pada  Aries- pada 1, Taurus- pada 2, Gemini- pada 3,
  • Cancer  Pada


The nakshatra Vishaka belongs to Libra and Scorpio Rashi and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Since this nakshatra belongs to two rasis, the natives of this nakshatra will have different mindsets according to the rasis.

The meaning of “Vishaka” is “Forked, Separated, or Branched”. This nakshatra has two deities, they are Indra and Agni and together they are called “Indragni”. Both the deities are known for their aggressive nature. Especially Indra, we can see that who is a highly egoistic deity. This deity doesn't like to get defeated by anything. However, due to his arrogant nature, he faces a lot of ups and downs in his life. Since Vishaka has 2 deities that show Vishaka people will shift between dual personality kinds of situation. In the nutshell, no one can assume which personality the Vishaka native is in at the moment. That makes this nakshatra very unpredictable. Due to this dual nature, they will have issues in decision-making as well. This lack of decision-making power rest with those natives who belong to Scorpio rasi than Libra rasi.

When we look at Indra's life, we can see him always falling into trouble due to his desire for power and lust. According to Hindu theology, there are many Indras, for many yugas, but every Indra had gone through the challenges. So, challenges and transformations will be part of a Vishaka native. Especially the Vishaka natives in Scorpio Rasi will have more ups and downs. Indra was always interested in party kind of lifestyle, so Visakha natives will always want to celebrate their life and they want to have a free lifestyle.

The Visakhas born in Scorpio rasis will have an interest in hidden knowledge, occult, and secret societies.

On a negative note, we can see Indra tends to cheat, so the Visakha natives will have difficulty keeping the promise. The bold outlook they show is just a mask, but inside they go through a lot of fears.

They have sharp eyes and a very fiery appearance. Envy, jealousy, and pride are their weak points.

On a positive note, when they decide a lot of thinking, they will stick to the decision. They will apply any strategies to achieve their goal. They like to move in the complex path of life.

The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Jupiter, and this is the planet for higher wisdom. So, the Vishaka natives will be learned and natural coaches. Jupiter is a natural benefic planet, but it is also the planet for complacency and over-optimism. So, at times, Vishaka natives will sit idly thinking everything will be alright at the end of the day. Since the nakshatra lord is Jupiter, Vishaka natives have to follow a spiritual path to find satisfaction in their life. Otherwise, they will always be dissatisfied.

Since the symbol of Vishaka is a “decorated arch” these people will have a liking for curved things. They will like to eat curved delicacies like a croissant. Since Libra and Scorpio are directly related to sexual pleasures; Vishaka nakshatra people are very much interested in sexual unions and marriage. At work, they will surely reach a place, where they can guide and teach others.

This nakshatra is all about transformation, so the progress will be a little delayed. Since the Moon gets debilitated at 3 degrees of Scorpio, such Vishaka natives will have to spend more time in prayer and meditation. If the Moon is in Libra, then the person has to focus more on making peace, and if the Moon is in Scorpio, the native has to focus more on spirituality and occult.

You have an attractive personality and are quick-witted. You are very popular, especially with members of the opposite sex. You are very intelligent, needing constant mental stimulation. You prefer the company of like-minded people. You are an excellent communicator. You attract a large number of people and make many friends. Those born under this Nakshatra are likely to have a very happy marital life and will make good marriage partners.

Deity : Indra and Agni

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for business, traveling agent, bank Journalism, sales and marketing, auditor, shares, metal-dealer etc.

Health troubles: Prone to diabetes, kidney & urinary troubles, ailments like paralysis, kidney and bladder trouble, hormone deficiencies etc.

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