Chitra Nakshatra


The nakshatra with amazing creative skills is ruled by Vishwakarma.

This nakshatra shines amid struggles because the symbol is a shiny jewel. Nothing can stop them from being so.

  • Zodiac Range  23o 20'Virgo - 6o 40' Libra
  • Ruling Planet  Mars
  • Deity  Lord Vishwakarma
  • Symbol  Pearl or Bright Jewel
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Mridu (Soft)
  • Caste  Farmer/Servant
  • Animal  Female Tiger
  • Bird  Heron
  • Tree  Bilva, Golden Apple
  • Sounds  Pay, Poe, Raa, Ree


Chitra belongs to Virgo and Libra rasis, so there will be differences in the behavior of those Chitra natives who belong to both the rasis. The meaning of Chitra is a beautiful picture. The name Chitra has a close association with the deity of this nakshatra, Lord Vishwakarma, the celestial designer, who is the Chief architect in the Vedas. He made a lot of wonderful palaces and he is an ace designer too. So, the Chitra natives will have a knack for painting and other artwork. Vishwakarma created celestial devices like Sudarshan chakra, Trishul, and the divine sword of Indra. Chitra is ruled by Mars and in astrology Mars is known as Bhoomi Putra, and Mars is also the planet for construction as well as demolition. Chitra natives have a knack for drawing designs for houses and many of them will be in the construction or related field.

Chitra natives who belong to Virgo rasi will have a fair amount of knowledge regarding accounting and bookkeeping.

The main symbol of Chitra is a bright and shining jewel. An ornament takes its shape after going through a lot of harsh processes, likewise, the Chitra native will have to go through a lot of roughness in his life before he gets a stable in his life. The ruler of Chitra is Mars and Mars is the planet for arguments and wars, so the life of Chitra natives will be very volatile up to the mid-thirties.

Vishwakarma, the celestial architect is an expert in creating an illusion. In Mahabharata, we read that Vishwakarma created the palace for the Pandavas and when Duryodan visited the palace, he got an illusion that the floor is watery, and he fell. So, Chitra natives will have a knack to be in careers that are connected with illusion like animation, 3D animation, and magic too. The symbol of Chitra is a shining jewel, so, many of the Chitra natives like Jewels and jeweler business.

Due to the rulership of Mars, the Chitra native will be very active and mysterious too. They don't have any special bond with anyone. Even if they are alone, they don't mind and they don't need anyone's support to do their work. They have the strength to take their life ahead at their own risk. They don't believe others too much and they don't like others taking much freedom with them.

Chitra natives like hardships and challenges in their life. It is due to the rulership of Mars as it is the planet for struggles. Chitra natives are intelligent and are multitaskers. They do have the zeal for perfection and others can see that perfection in their work. They don't like anyone letting them down. Chitra natives do not have permanent friends instead they choose friends for their benefit.

On a negative note, Chitra natives will be very selfish and that will create relationship issues. Chitras have a strong desire for sexual activities. Chitra natives are outspoken and that itself can create problems because they don't know when to keep silent. Due to this nature, they generally have issues with their managers and elderly figures in the family. Since Mars is the planet for war, the Chitra natives will have an interest in any kind of weapons, like a knife, gun, or even scissors. Marital life also will be having some challenges.

Chitra is the fourteenth nakshatra and on either side of Chitra, there are thirteen nakshatras. So, they like to keep a balance in their life. The Chitra natives in the Libra rasi will have a more stable relationship than those in the Virgo rasi. Both natives will be very much materialistic as they have a deep desire to love materialistic things.

Most of the Chitra natives will be having less hair on the body, thin eyebrows, and shiny eyes. They naturally attract the opposite gender. They don't like anyone knowing their weakness. Chitra native desires to always create something, they can be always hyperactive.

You are graceful and sophisticated. You easily stand out in a crowd. You are well dressed and well groomed. You are also bold ,courageous, astute, intuitive, ambitious argumentative, adventurous and popular. You are a lover of art and all things beautiful and are fond of good dress.

Deity : Twastry

Careers ideally suited for you: Research, scientists, teaching surgeon, engineer and intellectual pursuits, the visual arts, spare parts, dress, precious stones, interior decoration, designing, landscaping etc.

Health troubles: Prone to kidney and bladder troubles, excess of urine, renal colic, pain in head, brain fever, psychiatric and brain disorders.

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