Magha Nakshatra


Magha indicates a great person with the blessings of the forefathers. They are the ultimate nakshatra of the power and comfort

  • Zodiac Range  0o 00' - 13o 20' Leo
  • Ruling Planet  Ketu
  • Deity  Pitris (Ancestors)
  • Symbol  Royal throne, Palanquin
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Ugra (Fierce)
  • Caste  Shudra (Worker)
  • Animal  Male Rat
  • Bird  Male Eagle
  • Tree  Banyan Tree
  • Sounds  Maa, Mee, Moo, May


The meaning of Magha is a powerful person or a great person and that is the innate desire of every Magha native. This is a very bright nakshatra belonging to the sign of the Sun, Leo. The symbol of Magha is a throne and every Magha native's desire is to sit on a throne and have a loyal fan following. The deity of this nakshatra is Pitris or ancestors. So, naturally, they will have the same appearance as one of their ancestors. They are always proud of their lineage and interested in knowing about their forefathers.

Since the symbol is a throne, Magha natives will always reach a prominent role in society and they will be sitting on a powerful chair. If the nakshatra has any affliction, then Magha will have to face a lot of opposition from the ruler.

Magha natives are very much goal-oriented and have the power to achieve them. The nakshatra ruler is Ketu and this is the planet for isolation and detachment. So, the Magha native may not always be interested in one single thing. After achieving a particular thing a Magha native may lose interest in it. Magha natives don't like anyone giving them orders. They are their critics. They are real people and they don't like hypocrites.

The sign Leo is the ultimate sign for creativity, so the Magha natives will like romance, arts, and sexual activities. Leo indicates the center stage, so wherever Magha natives go, people will notice the person for their beauty and wits. The Magha natives will be in a role, where they are connected to public life. Actors, politicians, businessmen, and child counselors are seen in this nakshatra. These people will like to always talk about the love of their ancestors and at times, they will even cry for the dead ancestors. These natives are very loyal, but if they dislike someone, then they don't like to get them back into their life.

The Sun is the ruler of the sign, and it is the planet of ego and conservatism, so Magha natives will be egoist and conservative. They don't like anyone questioning their ancestry. They will have a lot of blessings from their ancestors, so they will get ancestral property too. Since the rasi is fiery, Magha native, men or woman, will be very short-tempered, so automatically their marriage will suffer.

Magha natives have a high standard of living. Even if the family they were born with is financially backward, the Magha native will get a rich lifestyle. They like to have clean and beautiful surroundings. They can even bear in the same family they lived in the past birth.

Magha natives will have support from the elite of the society and they will be elite. They will also look very beautiful and cheerful. At times, Magha natives are stuck in the past and it is very difficult for them to come out. Magha nakshatra natives are often straightforward, but the affliction can bring illegal activities. If the Magha nakshatra comes in the Lagna, the fifth, and the tenth house, such natives will gain appreciation and awards for their work. These natives don't like to be in a regressive situation where they are not appreciated. Magha natives can at times behave racially superior too. We can also see genetic problems connected to these natives. They will get hereditary diseases from their ancestors.

Magha natives are very hardworking. These natives will have the ancient wisdom used by their ancestors. They like to be free souls and they don't like someone clinging on to them. This can also be considered as escapism from reality.

Every ancient astrological text has been praised for this nakshatra and all such text says Magha natives will have a very luxurious life. Magha natives are known for their ritualistic spiritual nature. They will love pooja and other rituals; of the rasi lord, the Sun and the nakshatra lord Ketu are well placed. Otherwise, they can even reject their ancestral beliefs.

Deity : Pitris

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for big factories, criminal lawyer, surgeon, medical, Govt. service..

Health troubles: Prone to heart attack, backache, kidney troubles, asthma, epilepsy or cancer.

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