The Divine Secret of Ashwini Nakashatra


Ashwini , the first nakshathra of the zodiac is ruled by the mysterious planet Ketu. This article reveals all those secrets of this nakshatra

  • Zodiac Range  00o 00' - 13o 20' Aries
  • Ruling Planet  Ketu
  • Deity  Ashwini Kumars, Horse headed healers
  • Symbol  Horse's head
  • Gana  Deva
  • Quality  Laghu and Kshipra (Light and Swift)
  • Caste  Vaishya (Merchant)
  • Animal  Male Horse
  • Bird  Wild Eagle
  • Tree  Strychnine, Poison Nut tree
  • Sounds  Chu, Chey, Cho, Laa
  • Padas  1-Aries, 2-Taurus, 3-Gemini, 4-Cancer
Detailed Information of Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini is known as the first nakshatra in the natural zodiac which starts from Aries. This nakshatra starts from 00o 00' - 13o 20' of Aries.

In Sanskrit Ashwini or Azvin means two nakshatras presided over by Azvins. The meaning of Azva is a horse, so the Azvins are also known as a horsewoman. They are 2 Rigvedic deities Dasra and Nasatya and together known as Ashwini Kumaras. They learned mrutha sanjeevani vidya from Sage Dadeechi. Indra cursed Sage Dadeechi for giving the sacred mantra to Ashwini kumaras and the sage lost his head. Meanwhile Ashwini kumara, who learned the vidya from Sage, fixed a horse head on him.

The characteristics of this nakshatra are coming from the deities Ashwini kumaras. The ruler of this nakshatra is Ketu and it is the planet for healing and moksha. The horses are fast, very much balanced, act fast, strong and they are very beautiful. Ashwini-born people are also very strong, they can act fast and they are known as pioneers, but they are always in a hurry.

Since the ruling planet is moksha karaka, Ashwins, the twins are also known as the celestial physicians. In the Vedas, we can see these deities curing many people. They even gave prosthetic feet to Visphala, who is supposedly a female horse or a female who helped Ashwins in the battle. This event is described in Rig-Veda HYMN CXII. Aśvins. 10 Wherewith ye helped, in the battle of a thousand spoils, Viśpalā seeking booty, powerless to move. Other various stories are showing them restoring the youth hood of Chyavana Maharshi. All these show these deities have the magical power to restore the youth. So, Ashwini nakshatra people also will look very young.

The person born in this nakshatra will be very fast and they are known as pioneers. They want to finish everything fast, so they cannot finish anything with perfection. Due to their fast nature, they will fail to take the right decision and that will bring challenges during the first half of life. Like a horse, they can make themselves comfortable at any place to take a rest.

Ashwini born people are very polished, well behaved and with good physique. They are bold and courageous so, they will not be afraid of anything. They will be ready to work in any risky environment. Their intuitive nature will help them to be safe from any complex situations.

On a positive note, Ashwini natives are physically very active as the horses are very active. They like any game which involves speed like soccer, racing, or racecourse. They like independence and they don't like to be possessive about someone else. They like to find quick solutions for any problems. They like to take risks in their life. However, they have their way to do things; so, they may not be always systematic. Ashwini kumaras were travelers and they had a lot of acquaintance with people from different cultures, so it's natural for an Ashwini person to have a lot of friends and relatives from different cultures.

Since the ruler of Ashwini is Mars, and it is the planet for administration and discipline, Ashwini natives will be doing well in these domains. These people will be naturally interested in soft and diplomatic people as their partners.

On the negative side, they will be very impulsive and they cannot take any long term commitments. Their motto is “me, I am and myself,” so they will not be willing to take up any advice. Since Ashwini comes in the fire sign, these people generally remain very peace less. They don't know how to behave in a moderate way, so their responses will be very extremes and that will bring troubles to them. Due to their fast and furious nature, they may find a lot of imperfections in their life and that will make them very unhappy.

However, once when they reach their mid life, they will learn how to manage their life. From then onwards they will learn to deal with the issues with a lot of maturity.

You are loyal, trustworthy, Intelligent, and reliable. Your calm and quiet exterior hides a magnetic personality. You are fond of dress and ornaments. You move, think, act and learn quickly. Though you often enjoy starting new projects, there may be a certain lack of enthusiasm and consistency in following them through. You enjoy good health and will always have a great deal of energy and stamina.

Deity : Ashwinis

Careers ideally suited for you: Police, medical, surgery, railways, architecture, stock broking, business, interior design, flying, driving, riding and sports.

Health troubles: You are predisposed to muscular injuries and those of you leading very active lives should be careful, as accidents are common to people born under this Nakshatra. You are Prone to head injury, insomnia, headache, brain afflictions.

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