Rohini Nakshatra


The nakshatra Rohini is a very special nakshatra for Chandra. According to Vedas, the Chandra starting waxing and waning, just because he was partial to Rohini

  • Ruling Planet  Chandra
  • Deity  Prajapati or Brahma
  • Symbol  Ox Cart, Chariot
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Dhruva (Fixed)
  • Caste  Shudra (Worker)
  • Animal  Male Cobra
  • Bird  Owl
  • Tree  Java Plum
  • Sounds  O, Va, Vee, Vu
  • Yoga Tara  16o Taurus
  • Padas  Pada 1-Aries, 2-Taurus, 3-Gemini, 4-Cancer


Rohini the fourth nakshatra is known as the favorite wife of Chandra. According to the Vedas, nakshatras are the wives of the Chandra. There is twenty-eight nakshatra, but one among those nakshatra is a male nakshatra. According to the Vedic stories, King Daksha had twenty-seven daughters and he gave them in marriage to the Chandra or the Chandra. During the marriage, the King put one condition that the Chandra should not be partial to any wife. However, as the days passed by the Chandra found Rohini very attractive and started spending more time with her. Other wives under the leadership of Jyeshta, which means the eldest one, complained to the father that their husband is partial. So, he cursed Chandra that he will lose his beauty and luster because he broke the promise. The Chandra started losing the radiance and he got scared and approached Lord Shiva to save him. Lord Shiva told him that he is helpless and cannot completely erase the curse, but he gave a boon that; the Chandra will be in a waxing and waning mode.

So, the Nakshatra Rohini belongs to the sign of Taurus where the Chandra gets exalted. The native-born in this nakshatra will get the attention of the people like the nakshatra itself attracted the Chandra. Lord Krishna was born in this nakshatra and we know how he attracted people ever since he was a baby. All the mothers and young women of Vrindavan and Mathura were so fond of him.

You are popular, sweet and soft spoken. You admire honesty and loyalty and have firm views. You are witty and intelligent and with your excellent persuasive skills. Your romantic and marital life will be blissful and tranquil, but may experience family problems due to being misunderstood sometimes.

The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Lord Brahama the celestial creator. Lord Brahma created the entire universe, so Rohini has the strong sense of creating things that need to preserve the universe like crops. So, their symbol is an ox cart, an ox is used to plow the land. Rohini belongs to the Taurus, which is the sign for food and dining too. So, the Rohini natives will have a liking for fine dining. Rohini natives can be good cooks and chefs as well. They will also like various types of wines.

This nakshatra is all about nourishment and growth. The Chandra, who had an extramarital relationship with Tara, wife of Brihaspati, got a child from her. That is planet Mercury or Buddha and according to some texts, Chandra gave Mercury in the hands of Rohini, so Rohini natives will have a caring attitude. When a malefic planet is placed in this nakshatra, the native will have less nourishment in life.

Rohini natives have very beautiful and penetrating eyes and beautiful features. Even though they look very calm outside, but when they express themselves, they have a clear voice.

Saturn coming over this nakshatra is seen as a very challenging one. It will bring famine and other food-related calamities. Rohini natives will have a luxurious life unless the nakshatra or the nakshatra lord is afflicted. They have strong sexual needs too. Since Rohini fully belongs to the sign of Taurus, it has all the qualities of Taurus. It is an earthy nakshatra, very stubborn and very critical of others too. If they get angry, they need a long time to subside their anger.

Since the deity of Rohini is Brahma, the Rohini natives are naturally creative. If Venus is in Rohini nakshatra, the native will either be a writer, speaker, singer, or dancer. The native will excel in a creative profession if this nakshatra is in the tenth house of career. If there is any affliction to the nakshatra, the native will have bad traits like losing money in gambling or match-fixing.

Rohini is a very feminine nakshatra as the ruler of this nakshatra is Chandra and the sign lord is also a female planet Venus. Since Rohini is a balanced nakshatra, it is used for fixing the marriage, a business deal, and starting a long-term deal.

Deity : Prajapati

Careers ideally suited for you: Business, estate agents, matrimonial agent, chemical engineering, civil engineering and construction, architecture, design, landscaping ,precious stone dealer etc.

Health troubles: Prone to nervous and stress related health problems, sore throat, cold cough, apoplexy, swelling and headaches.

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