Jyeshtha Nakshatra


The eldest of all nakshatras Jyeshta was once the last nakshatra in the zodiac

Ruled by the King of all Devas, Indra, Jyeshta always wants to be the first, and rich.

  • Zodiac Range  16o 40' - 30o 20' Scorpio
  • Ruling Planet  Mercury
  • Deity  Indra
  • Symbol  Earring, Umbrella, Circular Amulet
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Tikshna (Sharp or Dreadful)
  • Caste  Farmer/Servant
  • Animal  Male Deer
  • Bird  Brahmani Duck
  • Tree  Silk Cotton
  • Sounds  No, Yaa, Yee, Yoo


Jyeshta lies fully in the sign of Scorpio and the meaning of Jyeshtha is “elder sister”. All the nakshatras are known as the wives of the Moon and these wives are sisters. There are 28 nakshatras are one among them is their brother Abhijeet. Once when Chandra or, the Moon got married to these sisters, their father, Daksha requested the Moon, not to be partial with any wife. The Moon even though agreed on this, but eventually started spending more time with Rohini, and the rest of the sisters revolted in the leadership of Jyeshta. Rohini is in Taurus and it is the exaltation sign of the Moon and Jyeshta is in Scorpio, the debilitation sign of the Moon. In the Vedic times, nakshatras were counted only until Jyeshta and that also is a reason for seeing this as the eldest nakshatra.

Jyeshta can also be translated to the “senior” or “the eldest”. Since the nakshatra means elder, the Jyeshta people tend to rule others. At work also they will need that power and they don't like anyone questioning them.

The symbol of this nakshatra is an Earing, Umbrella, And Circular Talisman” and that indicates the protective nature of a Jyeshta person. They want to protect themselves as well as others and they want to be a leader for that purpose. Talisman is also a symbol for mysterious sciences, so a Jyeshta person will surely have an interest in mystical sciences. Since this nakshatra belongs to the mysterious sign of Scorpio, the Jyeshta native will surely have a lot of interest in all kinds of occult sciences.

The Lord of this nakshatra Indra, which is a very controversial deity as there are so many Indras, but every Indra had to go through a lot of emotional upheavals. There are different Indras in different yugas, but all went through the same emotions like lust, jealousy, ego, and power struggles. Jyeshta natives have to struggle a lot with such emotional issues.

Indra is known for his insecurity regarding his power, so definitely Jyeshta natives will have to go through power struggles wherever they are. Jyeshta natives have good stamina and good looks. However, they can have mature looks than their age. Due to the emotional instability and eagerness for the power they will be changing their jobs frequently.

Jyeshta natives are good craftsmen and they will like to be part of ritualistic spirituality. They like mantra and tantra too. They can struggle with joint pains, cough and cold, insomnia, problems in the genitals, neck pain, earaches, and stomach problems.

Most of the Jyeshta nakshatras will like to have their ventures as they want complete supremacy. Jyeshta natives are very hardworking, but at times they get stressed out. However, Jyeshta natives are very responsible and helpful too. Being a Jyeshta native, at times, even the Jyeshta children will take up hard responsibilities at home.

Jyeshta natives are very good at networking and that will help them in setting up a good career. They have a lot of interest in art forms. This nakshatra is also related to material success. They will even become very revengeful when get insulted.

Jyeshta natives are generally traditional and they like to follow such values in their personal and professional life. They are very ambitious and they have the power to attain their goals. However, they are very conscious about their image and that itself will create a problem for them. They will never hesitate to support any weak person, but they don't want them to question their authority. They may not always listen to the advice of others and this is seen as a negative quality.

Since the ruling planet is Mercury, the Jyeshta native has a business mind. If someone has to take up business as a profession, he should have a good and well-placed Mercury. If the nakshatra lord is badly placed, the Jyeshta native will have troubles related to money.

You are Religious, intelligent, clever, cheerful and have a attractive personality, full of vitality and energy. You are loving and generous. You are fond of literary works and will achieve success early in life. Your attractive personality and essential good nature wins you many friends.

Deity : Indra

Careers ideally suited for you: Chemical engineer, press, publication, Metallurgy, Architecture, construction, interior designing etc..

Health troubles: Prone to bleeding piles, fistula, VD, pain in arms and shoulders.

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