Pushya Nakshatra


The nakshatra for Nourishment Pushya

Pushya, ruled by Brihaspati is the nakshatra for caring and nourishment. Pushya natives always want to nourish the people around them.

  • Zodiac Range  3o 20' - 16o 40' Libra
  • Ruling Planet  Saturn
  • Deity  Brihaspati
  • Symbol  Cow's udder
  • Gana  Deva (Divine)
  • Quality  Kshipra (Swift)
  • Caste  Vaishya (Merchant)
  • Animal  Goat
  • Bird  Swan
  • Tree  Bamboo
  • Sounds  Hu, Hey Ho, Daa


Pushya nakshatra belongs fully to the Cancer rasi and the rasi ruler is the Moon. This is a very good nakshatra that indicates mystical energies. This nakshatra has the influence of Saturn as well as the Moon. Due to the influence of Jupiter, the deity of Pushya, a Pushya native always wants to have a wider perspective of life. They like to know everything because Jupiter is the planet of higher thinking and higher studies. Jupiter, the deity of Pushya is the Guru of devas, so Pushya nakshatra people will be always interested in a ritual or they like to perform rituals as part of the spiritual life.

Saturn is the ruler of this nakshatra and that makes the Cancer natives always concerned about the family and home. In the Vedas we can see that Saturn was the offspring of the Sun, still, Saturn did not have a good relationship in the family. Likewise, the Cancer natives always will be concerned about the love which he gets from his dear and near ones.

Saturn is a very strict planet, so the cancer natives can be a little traditional and conservative.

The Pushya nakshatra natives cannot be identified by any special looks, as they come in all kinds of appearance. Thin and healthy, tall and short, so it is very difficult to identify a Pushya from his looks.

The symbol of Pushya is an “udder” which indicates nourishment. Pushya also means a flower, which nourishes people by its looks. Pushya natives like agriculture and land-related business. The deity, Jupiter is also known as the planet of benevolence, so Pushya natives are very generous, but the saturnine rulership makes them very strict. Even though Saturn has the rulership, but we can see, the deity overpowering this nakshatra.

Pushya natives will have a lot of friends among the ruling class. Pushya native can also be a politician and they like to be very serving. They will have motherly qualities, even if the native is a male. Due to their motherly qualities, they will attract attention and many people will like to get them as their friends.

If Saturn or the rasi lord Moon is afflicted, then Pushya natives will become jealous, and insecure about them. This affliction will make them very much narrow-minded and intolerant towards people from other communities.

Due to the rulership of Saturn, the Pushya natives are very hardworking. They will be very much goal-oriented and dedicated. If Saturn is not in a good placement, then they can be very lazy and always sleeping. However, all Pushya natives will take time to embrace the changes as they are majorly traditional.

They always like to abide by the laws as they have an innate fear of punishment. They encourage others also to follow the same as they want the growth in a straight manner. However, they can be very self-conscious and have a lack of confidence, due to the rasi lordship of the Moon too.

Generally Pushya native tends to work in a domain related to the nourishment-related domain. Most of the Pushya will be in the health, agriculture, or teaching industry. Many of them tend to have their own business at some point in life.

Even though they are seekers of higher knowledge they easily fall for people who praise them. At times Pushya natives will be selfish and that can shock the onlookers.

Jupiter the deity of this nakshatra was very ambitious so, Pushya natives are also very ambitious. According to the Vedas Jupiter sent his son Kacha to Shukra ie, Venus in order to learn Sanjivani Mantra through playing foul play. So, Pushya natives do have a nature to hit the target by hook or crook. However, Kacha was unable to use the mantra since he learns it through deceit. Due to the strong saturnine influence, Pushya natives will be able to identify their mistakes as well.

You are intelligent, soft-spoken and spiritual. You are also Learned, religious, fond of food, virtuous, obeys parents and are humble. You help others, asking nothing in return. You are self-sufficient and self-reliant. You are a fair and straightforward person and expect others to behave likewise.

Deity : Brihaspati

Careers ideally suited for you: Medicine, Social Work, health care ,underground works, mining, excavation, wells, sewers, agriculture, are ideally suited for you.

Health troubles: Some you could be predisposed to ailments respiratory problems, gastric trouble, cough, cancer, gall stones, gastric ulcers, skin diseases etc.

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