Purva Ashada Nakshatra


The nakshatra with the power of Jupiter and Venus

This nakshatra rules the elites of the society and they get victory during the early part of their life. They are the best strategist of the zodiac with secret moves.

  • Zodiac Range  13o 20' - 26o 40' Sagittarius
  • Ruling Planet  Venus
  • Deity  Apah
  • Symbol  Hand fan, Winnowing basket, Elephant's tusk
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Ugra (Fierce)
  • Caste  Manushya (Human)
  • Animal  Male Monkey
  • Bird  Francolin
  • Tree  Rattan


Purvashada lies fully in the sign of Sagittarius and this nakshatra is ruled by Venus. The symbol of this nakshatra is a winnowing basket, which is used to separate the corn from its husks. The meaning of this nakshatra is “The Invincible One”. This nakshatra has the qualities of nakshatra ruler Venus and the Rasi ruler Jupiter. Purva Ashadha means the undefeated or is called the invincible star. Due to the rulership of Venus, the natives of this nakshatra are very popular. This nakshatra indicates worldly fame, wealth, and wisdom. The deity of this lunar mansion is Apas, it is a water goddess and the word Apas comes from the work Ap means Sanskrit. Apah brings good health and it brings medicine and Apas is seen as a healer too. Varuna is also the deity of this nakshatra. The person born in Purva Ashada is seen to be very intelligent and no one can beat them in a philosophical conversation. Due to this deity, Purva Ashada natives like to live near a water body.

The translation of this nakshatra is the former Invincible one. This nakshatra also has another name” Aparajitha”. The symbol” hand fan” is also considered a status symbol in different cultures and that shows they are very much concerned about their status and position in society.

The symbol winnowing basket indicates purification and cleansing. The Purva Ashada natives are very clear about their plans and their ultimate aim is to bring clarity to the situations. Since Purva Ashada is in the sign of Sagittarius, these natives will have a talent to be good writers. The rasi lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter and it is the priest for Devas, so these natives will have a spiritual inclination. They don't like compromising with low-quality things, but they always aim at a high standard of living.

These natives are very dominating and that is a negative quality of this nakshatra. They are natural optimists too and they take everything in a positive stride. The nakshatra lord Venus and Rasi lord Jupiter, both are known as the teacher for Asura as well as a teacher for Devas, so a Purva Ashada nakshatra will be known as a Guru or a person who has the authority to teach others. Due to this influence, they don't like others teaching them or guiding them. They may not always consider others' opinions, so that will bring enmity to others. When this nakshatra comes in Lagna, the person will be in a high position in society. Due to the power-hunger, wherever they go, they get into ego clashes even within the family.

Purva Ashada natives are very much far-sighted, so they can foresee the troubles. This quality gives them enough strength to be good strategists. However, they don't like revealing their plans or ideas to anyone. They like to motivate others and they can be a very good motivational coach. These natives constantly try to be in the top position of society.

On the negative note, a Purva Ashada native cannot take criticism, they hate someone criticizing them. They are workaholics and they like to achieve everything. No matter what the situation is, they have strong faith and they are spiritualists too. These natives can easily overcome all the hardships in life. At the same time, these natives have unrealistic expectations about life. Even if they realize their expectations are not real, still they will follow them until they fail. They like name and fame, so they will like to show off, but they never realize that it is a detaching factor for others. These natives are spiritual and they have high thinking for themselves as well as the society. You can see a lot of government officials and priests with this nakshatra.

You are caring, gentle nature and have many friends. You are a hard worker and will make an excellent manager. You are supportive and generous and go out of your way to help friends. You have a forgiving nature and do not hold grudges against others. You need to focus more on your career and education.

Deity : Apa

Careers ideally suited for you: Financial planning, banking, corporate houses, legal advisors social work, NGO's volunteer work etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from ailments like T.B. eosonophilia, nervous disorder, skin problems, muscular problems etc.

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