Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra



You are a self sufficient and highly resourceful person. You are Honest, humane, helpful, talkative and will be very successful in attracting wealth. You will succeed in attracting a lot of friends, some of them rich and powerful. You are easily influenced by opposite sex, and have a tensionable nature. Though you are a unselfish person but at times you act miserly. You are a risk taker and your charming personality often gets you out of tight spots.

Deity : Aja Ekapad

Careers ideally suited for you: Business, Banking and finance, medicine, literature, Industrial management, international travel, astrology, gems and precious metals etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from complaints like swelling of feet and ankles, paralytic attacks, low blood pressure, hernia, diabetes, gastric and abdominal problems.

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