Hasta Nakshatra


Hasta nakshatra is majorly known for its deity Saviture, a solar God for whom the Gayatrimantra is recited. This nakshatra indicates creativity and optimism.

  • Zodiac Range  10o 00' - 23o 20' Virgo
  • Ruling Planet  Moon
  • Deity  Savitur
  • Symbol  Hand or Fist
  • Gana  Deva (Divine)
  • Quality  Laghu and Kshipra (Light or Swift)
  • Caste  Vaishya (Merchant)
  • Animal  Female Buffalo
  • Bird  Vulture
  • Tree  Hog Plum
  • Sounds  Poo, Sha, Na, Tha


When we think about the Hasta nakshatra, the first thing in mind will be hands or a fist. The meaning of Hasta in Sanskrit is hand, so the symbol of this nakshatra is also the hand. This nakshatra falls fully in the sign of Virgo, so the Hasta natives will have the traits of Virgo as well. Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac, so Hasta natives uses their hand to bring perfection in whatever they do. Most of the Hasta natives do have some skills like painting, drawing or clay modeling or other creative forms where the hands are used. If the Hasta nakshatra is the nakshatra of your tenth lord, the person will also be knowing palmistry. Hasta natives will be using their hands most of the time in a day. The deity of this nakshatra is Savitur, which is a solar name; it is the deity with a helping hand. It is observed that the Hasta natives will have the ability to get whatever they desire in their hands. This symbol also indicates the blessings form the universe.

In order to understand Hasta, we need to understand the deity Savitur. Savitur is the son of Aditi, who is known as the mother of all devas. The ruler of this nakshatra is the Moon, so this nakshatra is also associated with child birth.

Since the rasi lord is the planet for intelligence and logic, Mercury, Hasta natives are truly intelligent, witty and realistic. They want to have a perfect life and others also to have a perfect behavior. They are good speakers and they will definitely have writing skills. They are creative as well as imaginative due to the ruler ship of the Moon. However, the Hasta native will never get lost into the depth of creative imagination, but they will always be creative in a logical method. Hasta natives are naturally interested in the social cause and they can be activists as well. They have the energy to deal with adverse situation and turn the dire situation to a clam phase.

The rasi is an earth sign, so the Hasta natives will be naturally very silent and stable. That is the specialty of Hasta. Due to their logical mind, they are far sighted. They don't like to waste their time in any futile ventures; instead they like to make calculated moves. Since Virgo indicates solutions, the Hasta natives do have a healing nature. There are so many health professionals, especially, gynecologists and pediatrics with this nakshatra.

However at times Hasta natives can be very direct and that can label them as ruthless people. They will like to analyze everything in a logical manner, so others may feel that they are not very diplomatic. However, they will have the difficulty to stick on to any person, so; naturally they will have a lot of relationship. They do have a difficulty in embracing the relationship in a very romantic way.

They have the negative trait of being selfish and they cannot identify the miseries of others. At times, they underestimate themselves and they are self-critics too. It will be a difficult task to convince a Hasta native. They generally have the tendency to enjoy wrong food items including drugs or intoxicants.

Hasta natives are prone to stomach related issues. They have a flexible and a soft body. Most of the Hasta natives have small eyes and round faces. Their sharp mind makes them very good observers too. They do get along with the imaginative natives as their world is very calculative and practical. If an emotional Cancer native is marrying a Hasta native, there will be a lot of adjustment issues.

They don't like to sit lazy, and they are actually workaholics of the zodiac. They don't hesitate to make everything perfect even if they are physically tired.

However, Saviture, the deity of the Hasta nakshatra is a very optimist and happy deity and the Gayatri mantra is dedicated for this deity in the Sun form. This mantra is known for its positive traits in making people happy.

You are Learned in Vedas, energetic, drinker, are clever and fond of opposite sex. You are tall and well built. You have a magnetic personality. You are hard working, very competitive , and dedicated.

Deity : Savitri

Careers ideally suited for you: You will be successful in areas that require you to use your creativity as well as ,Suitable for salesman, overseas, communication, shipping, Those born under You are good at organizing and managing things. Job related to travel is also situated for you.

Health troubles: Prone to gastric problems. You could be plagued by minor bodily ailments like cough and cold, Breathing trouble, typhoid, asthma, high blood pressure and heart ailments. etc.

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