Moola Nakshatra


One of the Gandanta nakshatras shows a very good material as well as religious life.

Ruled by Goddess of darkness Nrriti, this nakshatra has gained a lot of attention among astrology enthusiasts. Nrriti is also considered and a mysterious black hole in the universe

  • Zodiac Range  0o 00' - 13o 20' Leo
  • Ruling Planet  Ketu
  • Deity  Nirriti
  • Symbol  Reticulated roots, Lion's tail
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Tikshna (Sharp or Dreadful)
  • Caste  Butcher
  • Animal  Male Dog
  • Bird  Red Vulture
  • Tree  Frankincense, Black Dammar
  • Sounds  Yay, Yo, Bhaa, Bhee


Mula nakshatra fully falls into the sign of Sagittarius and the meaning of Mula is “roots”. Roots are grown inside the earth, so they are invisible, but without them, the plant cannot exist.

Mula also means the innermost or the core. Mula natives are no-nonsense people and they are very direct people. The symbol of this nakshatra is “A tied bunch of roots”. The roots are very strong, so the Mula natives will be very much rooted in their philosophy and ideologies. They have a strong foundation in their beliefs. The nakshatra ruler is Ketu and this is the planet for past life, so the life of Mula natives will be very much connected to their past lives.

The root goes into the depth of the earth and suck out the minerals and water to nourish the planet. Likewise, the Mula natives will be very much investigative and they like to go into the depth of any matter. The deity of this nakshatra is Nirrti, which is known as the goddess of destruction. The Mula natives like to mix herbs and make new medicine. This is the nakshatra of researchers and those professionals who need to investigate.

The Mula natives are very optimistic as the rasi lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for happiness, optimism, and joy. Ketu is the planet for isolation and detachment, so they may like to be alone at times.

Due to the deity Nritti, we cannot say, that this is a very positive nakshatra as Nriti is the deity for destruction. Since the nakshatra is falling in the sign of Sagittarius, which is Jupiter, so it becomes a pure nakshatra. Still, the Mula natives have to go through a lot of destruction during the first half of life.

Nritti, the goddess of destruction is also coming with golden locks which shows the material success of this nakshatra. In RigVeda ( 7.104.1,9-11) describes the 'realm' of Nirriti as an endless pit without light or warmth, receiving no nourishment either from the offerings of their descendants nor from their own accumulated merit. In the Vedas, we can see people requesting Nritti to leave the place immediately. nir-r means “to go out”, “to be deprived of” or “dissolution” and rta refers to “that which is right” or “the law.” After attaining material success, the Mula native will plunge into the deep waters of spirituality. The life of Mula natives will go through a lot of destruction. Mula natives will like to stick to their roots hence they are very connected to their family. At times, they behave in a very harsh way, but they never realize that they have hurt the other person. This goddess brings new things after the destruction. Mula natives always take care of their siblings and protect them. These natives are generally very mysterious and it is very difficult to understand them. However, they are eternal truth-seekers of the zodiac. This nakshatra also indicates mortgage and mortgaged urban property. So, it is not wise to make a loan transaction during the transit of Moon through Mula. This nakshatra is very good for religious life too.

On a negative note, Mula natives are short-tempered and they are easily got bored. Others may think that they are very arrogant and stubborn too. Mula natives are supposed to have some illness during childhood. They like to protect others, but they don't like someone becoming possessive about them.

Out of the 27 nakshatras, six Nakshatras ruled by Mercury and Ketu (especially at their junctions or sandhis) are called Gand Mool Nakshatras and Mula is a Gand moola nakshatra, which means a lot of transformation.

They have difficulty in sticking to one job, so there will be difficulty in sticking to one career.

You have an attractive personality and ooze charm. You are Happy, wealthy, popular, firm and will lead a luxurious life. Strong and determined, you are also very ambitious. You can sometimes be fiercely competitive and goal oriented. You are known for your direct approach and single-mindedness. You are a good organizer of things.

Deity : Niritti

Careers ideally suited for you: Politics, sales and marketing, religious preacher, physician, social worker, finance, sailing etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from ailments like pain in the joints, Rheumatism, hip and backaches, stomach troubles, problems with mouth, etc.

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