Anuradha Nakshatra

The nakshatra of Mitra, Anuradha is the nakshatra of secrets and mysteries.

  • Zodiac Range  3o 20' - 16o 40 Scorpio
  • Ruling Planet  Saturn
  • Deity  Mitra
  • Symbol  Lotus flower, Staff, Archway
  • Gana  Deva (Divine)
  • Quality  Mridu (Soft)
  • Caste  Shudra (Worker)
  • Animal  Female Deer
  • Bird  Nightingale
  • Tree  Bakula, Nagkesar, Bullet Wood
  • Sounds  Naa, Nee, Noo, Nay


Anuradha nakshatra fully falls in the water sign of Scorpio and this is the sign where the Moon gets debilitated. The ruler of this nakshatra is Saturn and the deity is Mitra. The meaning of Anuradha is “ Another Radha”. In Sanskrit, Anuradha means the one causing happiness and welfare. Anu means the one following and Radha means a virtuous girl.

The symbol of this nakshatra is a staff or a lotus. The staff has a lot of implications in various theologies. When we look at the seers and sages of all belief systems, Staff is a symbol of power and penance. In Vedic stories, we can see great rishis carried a Staff.

Another symbol of this nakshatra is the lotus, and we all know lotus grows in the muddy waters and it has to go through a lot of transformation to produce a beautiful flower. We all know in Hindu theology, Goddess Saraswati, the Devi for learning and studies sits on this flower. The muddy waters are the best representation of Scorpio, which is a sign of volatility and ups and downs. Anuradha people take some time to flourish, but once when they start producing results, they will gather the public attention. Like lotus at times, they are stuck in the complexities and their main challenge will be that.

Mitra, the deity of Anuradha nakshatra is a solar deity. Mitra in Sankrit means “ Friend”. When we look into the Vedas, we can see the solar deities all are very friendly towards people. In Rigveda 3.59 we can see a lot of praises about Mitra, that this deity sustains heaven as well as the earth. In the scripture, it says, Mitra watches people without blinking their eyes. None of the solar deities come alone, they are a group of deities, so Mitra indicates friendship.

The ruler of this nakshatra is Saturn, which is the planet for principles, delay, and obstacles. Anuradha natives do not keep any special bonding with anyone. At times, they don't think about others' feelings as well. These natives are very hardworking as Saturn is the ruler of this planet.

Since Anuradha fully belongs to the sign of Scorpio, they are very much inquisitive. They like to go to the core of any subject and they are very interested in learning and gaining wisdom. Since Scorpio is a sign of ups and downs, the life of the Anuradha native is full of emotional issues. They go through a lot of extremes in their life. The sign of Scorpio is a dark sign and Anuradha natives will like to learn about dark sciences like the occult, dark web, and tantra.

Anuradha natives are farsighted and they can make very good plans for their life. They are well built and they are very mysterious. The eyes of the Anuradha natives show a lot of secrets hidden inside them. They will grow big as they advance in their age. They like to travel long distances and they will have foreign collaborations as part of their career.

Anuradha male looks very calm outside, but they will have a lot of emotional issues within them. They are very restless as the Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. Moreover, Rasi lord Mars and the nakshatra lord Saturn are not friends with each other. Scorpio is also a sign of sexual interest, so Anuradha natives will have a lot of interest in sexual activities. Even though Anuradha natives will have many relationships, they will have a special liking for a particular person and unfortunately, that person will not become a part of their life.

If Mars or Saturn is not placed well, then Anuradha natives will have struggles form friendships as well as relationships.

The friends will not be able to capture the mind of the Anuradha natives. However, there is a lot of deception in an Anuradha native. Mitra is the deity invoked for protection, so they will be there to protect the people they live with.

This nakshatra is a very mysterious nakshatra that has a direct connection to the occult and healing. Anuradha native will face the challenges and finally will bloom like a lotus.

You are spirited, fun loving and well liked. You are learned, helpful, robust, unscrupulous, sweet tongue but wickedness in heart, selfish, vindictive, angry, Strong and determined, you are also very ambitious. Many of you will shine in social and political fields.

Deity : Mitra

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for mine engineer, Sales and marketing, Astrology,, actor, oil dealer, plumber, laborer, dentist etc. Your profession may take far away from your place of birth.

Health troubles: You could suffer from minor bodily ailments like asthma, headache, breathing trouble, cough and cold and dental problems.

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