Purnavasu Nakshatra


The light which came back to the earth is Punarvasu

Punarvasu is one among the most noted nakshatra for being the nakshatra of Lord Ram. This nakshatra has to say a lot about your past birth.

  • Zodiac Range  20o 00' - 3o 20' Cancer
  • Ruling Planet  Jupiter
  • Deity  Aditi
  • Symbol  Bow and Quiver of Arrows
  • Gana  Deva (Divine)
  • Quality  Chara (Moveable)
  • Caste  Vaishya (Merchant)
  • Animal  Female Cat
  • Bird  Swan
  • Tree  Bamboo
  • Sounds  Ke, Ko, Haa, Hee


Punarvasu belongs to two rasis , they are Gemini and Cancer. So, the Punarvasu natives ruled by Mercury will be having writing, teaching, and counseling abilities. Those who belong to Cancer rasi will be good at caring for people and guiding them. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Brihaspati or Jupiter, which are the teachers of the Devas. No matter you belong to Gemini or Cancer rasi, you had multiple past births and you are back here again to cleanse the soul. The universe has given you one more chance to walk towards moksha. This also indicates your strength to come back into the power or prestige, even if you fall thousand times. That also has a meaning that, during this birth also you will have to face failure.

When we look at Lord Ram's life, even though he is considered as an incarnation of Vishnu, he had to go through a lot of ups and downs. He had to go to exile, his wife was kidnapped, he had to leave his wife and he did not have the fortune to be with his children for a long time. Likewise, the life of the Punarvasu also will have to go through challenges, but ultimately this native will get some kind of victory, but it will not fully compensate for the losses. Lord Ram used to go hunting, likewise, Punarvasu will have a liking for nonveg dishes.

You are a bright and enthusiastic person with handsome features. You are Intelligent, are quiet and have good relations with friends. You have a spiritual bent of mind and materialism does hold much attraction for you. Those born under this Nakshatra will be drawn to religious professions.

If this nakshatra comes in the fifth or seventh house, the natives will have multiple relationships too. However, they have a good ability to focus on things. If they failed at one attempt, they will try to get by multiple attempts as the meaning of this nakshatra itself is “Return of Light”

Punarvasus who belongs to Cancer rasi will be very moody and emotional. They will display the nature of the Moon and that will make them very private people, who like to cling to their house.

Lord Ram aimed to gain the throne, after all the struggles, so the Punaravasu native aims to gain all the wealth and comfort. This is a chara nakshatra, so Punarvasu people like to move a lot.

Punarvasu natives do have memories of the past and they are haunted by that. You will find a lot of recycled objects in their house. People born in this nakshatra will have to face the issues from people with physical deformities. Lord Ram has to go through issues by Mandra and Ravan. Both had physical challenges as Manddra was a hump and Ravan had ten heads.

The life of a Punarvasu is all about taking responsibility at home. Like Lord Ram, Punaravasu natives will be always consumed by his family responsibilities.

The deity of this nakshatra is Aditi, the mother of all the solar gods. The symbol of this nakshatra is a Quiver with Bows. This indicates a resting place where you come back after work and also where you take rest.

These people don't like to get into any long-term commitment. They are very much restless, and this is visible in the Punarvasu natives of both the Rasis. Jupiter is the lord of this nakshatra and it is the planet for wisdom, studies, spirituality, and high knowledge so, your thoughts will be different from others. That will make others may not be able to relate with you. If Jupiter is in a bad mode, then you may not be able to comprehend things in the right way. However, they will not hesitate to give a second chance to someone who hurt them. They are not good to deal with finances, so Punarvasu natives should be very careful in financial dealings. Otherwise, they will land in long-term financial issues.

According to Varahamihira, Punarvasu natives will be having self-control, they are fortunate but slow-witted.

Deity : Aditya

Careers ideally suited for you: Career options are religious or spiritual career, publishing, physician, professor, writing, acting or astrologer, you will remain deeply religious and spiritual. journalism.

Health troubles: You should take care of your health you are Prone to bronchitis, stomach troubles, diseases like T.B., kidney troubles. under nourishment and pneumonia, could afflict you.

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