Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra


UttaraPhalguni: the Red Nakshatra

  • Zodiac Range  26o 40'Leo - 10o 00' Virgo
  • Ruling Planet  Sun
  • Deity  Aryaman
  • Symbol  Back legs of the bed, Platform
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Dhruva (Fixed)
  • Caste  Kshatriya (Warrior)
  • Animal  Male Cow/Bull
  • Bird  Peacock
  • Tree  Rose Laurel
  • Sounds  Tay, Toh, Paa, Pee


Spanning from Leo to Virgo, UttaraPhalguni nakshatra will have the trait of the ruling planet the Sun, but in the sign of Virgo, UttaraPhalguni will also behave as Mercury. If PurvaPhalgni is ruled by Bhaga, then UttaraPhalguni is ruled by his brother Arayaman, another solar deity.

The meaning of Uttara Phalguni is the Latter Red one. The symbol of this nakshatra is the back legs of a cot. That indicates, the person is going to be in action very soon after taking the rest. So, we can see that UttaraPhalguni people are very active. Their animal is a bull, which is a very powerful animal, resembling power and action. The symbol of the stock market is also a bull. When the bull attacks, it will carry the enemy in its horns and lift them up. So, UttaraPhalguni natives have a tendency to lift people up.

Having a good understanding of Aryaman is the key to understanding this nakshatra. Aryaman means a friend who asks a woman in marriage for another. Aryaman is a bosom friend and he is a nobleman. The planet Sun is the king among the planets, so solar deity Aryaman is a royal fellow. Aryaman's duty is to control the time. This deity is evoked in Hindu marriages in order to have a good relationship between the bride and groom. This deity is always seen with his friends, so UttaraPhalguni natives will have a lot of friends. This is also the deity of hospitality and UttaraPhalguni natives are very much hospitable. They can make a good career in the hospitality-related domain.

If the nakshatra comes in Virgo, the native will be very much interested in writing, while the Leo native will be interested in occult, mantra, and tantra. Since the Sun, the ruler of this nakshatra is the ultimate planet for all creative arts, UttaraPhalguni natives will be interested in arts, movies, singing, and dancing.

This nakshatra has a lot of connection to Lord Shiva as he got married to Parvati when Moon was transiting through this nakshatra. They are a very bonded couple and we can see Lord Shiva teaching Parvati a lot of philosophy as well as astrology. Yogini dasa in astrology is taught by him.

The Sun is the center of the galaxy Milky Way and it is a radiant planet. It gives light to the other planets, UttaraPhalguni person likes to be the center of attraction and he doesn't mind protecting others. They are very stable and trustworthy too. The Sun is the king so; at times Uttara Phalguni person can behave in an autocratic manner. If the Sun is debilitated or in the enemy sign, the UttaraPhalguni person will be like a dictator.

This energetic person will become successful as they are stable as well. They like luxurious life and they like to enjoy life. They always like to achieve the targets. The creative skills will help them to reach their goals. In Virgo, UttaraPhalguni natives will have communication skills as well. They are very charitable too. UttaraPhalguni is not very flexible, so that can be a negative trait of this nakshatra.

If the Sun is not in good dignity, then these natives will be very timid and angry due to a lack of self-esteem. If the Sun is placed well, then these natives will have a lot of wisdom and they have the right solutions for all the issues. UttaraPhalguni natives can make wonderful plans for any project. They are very systematic and steady as well.

However, they don't like anyone or anything if they lose interest in them. So, if they are forced to work on something they dislike, then they can get irritated. They have so much ego that they don't accept their mistakes too.

According to Varahamihira, the native of this nakshatra will be very popular, will be rich and happy. In most of the cases, UtttaraPhalguni will have the traits of PurvaPhalguni as the deities are ruled by the brothers Bhaga and Aryaman.

You are a Wealthy, intelligent and ambitious by nature you. You are calm, composed and unwavering. You charm your way into people's hearts. You are a cheerful person and take the trials and tribulations of life in your stride. You possess a kind heart and an independent frame of mind.

Deity : Bhaga

Careers ideally suited for you: Construction industry, hospitality industry, event planning, publicity management, accounts, lecturer, press, engineer, etc.

Health troubles: You could suffer from ailments like dental problems, gastric problems and bodily discomforts, stomach troubles and backache.

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