Kritikka Nakshatra


Some people say Krittika should be seen as the first nakshathtra as it is ruled by the Sun

  • Zodiac Range  26o 40' - 10o 00' Taurus
  • Ruling Planet  Sun
  • Deity  Agni, God of Fire
  • Symbol  Razor, Scissors
  • Gana  Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Quality  Misra (Mixed or Sharp and Soft)
  • Caste  Brahmin (Priest)
  • Animal  Female Goat
  • Bird  Peacock
  • Tree  Cluster Fig


Krittika falls from the 26o 40' Aries - 10o 00' Taurus and this nakshatra is ruled by the Sun. The deity of this nakshatra is Agni. Agni is the deity for purification and it is an important deity in the Rig-Veda, the first chapter of the Rig-Veda starts with a dedication to the Vedic deity. Krittika nakshatra has one more deity that is Lord Kartikeya, who is the Son, is Lord Shiva. Lord Kartikeya was raised by seven mothers, so a person born in this nakshatra will have the fortune to get attention from many motherly figures. If the Sun or Moon are afflicted, then the relationship with his biological mother can be bad. This person will have a strong desire for adoption or to have pets. Lord Kartikeya is also known as the chief of the army, so these people have to fight a lot for their existence. If the nakshatra ruler, the Sun is in good dignity they will overcome the struggles.

Since the ruling planet is the Sun, these people will have a lot of egos. The deity is a major Vedic God and he is invoked for most of the rituals, so the Krittika natives also like to have a very dignified role in society. Due to this desire, it's natural for a Krittika native to have ego clashes with their family as well as friends. During the rituals, Agni is invoked to drink Soma, the divine elixir, so the Krittika natives will have an affinity for liquors from a young age. Since their symbol is an axe or scissors, they don't hesitate to work until they reach perfection.

The meaning of Krittika is the scissors and the critical native has the power to identify between good and bad. Hence these people are very bright and intelligent. According to Varahamihira, Krittika will have a bright appearance, lascivious, they will be great foodies, and famous. The animal symbol of Krittika is a goat, and they always like to graze. So, there is a reason for krittika natives to be great foodies. Since this nakshatra belongs to Aries as well as Taurus, natives belong to both the nakshatra will have a different attitude. Those who belong to the Aries will be very fiery people and they will have no mercy towards their enemies. If the native belongs to Taurus, he will be diplomatic. Both the natives will be very devoted as the Sun is a very dignified planet. They will have issues in saving money due to their extravagant nature.

On a positive note, Krittika natives are honest and open. Their behavior will generate respect for them in the public. The Sun is the king of the planet, so they will naturally have the skill to be the leader and they will be protected like a king to his subjects. They will be very good in studies, and they will be attracted to the opposite sex. They like to be famous and in that pursuit, they become very dominating. The Sun is the ultimate planet for creativity and ancient scriptures, so they will like to be creative and learning ancient sciences. Their main drawback is being very opened minded. If the Sun is placed badly, they will have a bad image in the public. They will have to control their ego and anger; otherwise, they will isolate from friends as well as family. At times their speech will be very harsh and that also makes people hate them. The way they express their ideas can be very sarcastic and that also will work against them.

You are famous and are a dignified person but are fond of opposite sex. You have a feline grace and a magnetic personality. You are powerfully built and have a commanding presence. You are hearty and vigorous with a voracious appetite. You are an overachiever and a power-seeker. You are determined and resolute and once your mind is made up, there is no stopping you. Your leadership skills are highly developed though your aggressiveness.

Deity : Agni

Careers ideally suited for you: Military, police, navy, defense, Engineering, law, medicine, business, interior decoration etc.

Health troubles: Prone to pimples, eye-soe, small pox, brain fever, cuts and wounds in accidents, insomnia, inflammation.

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