Bharani Nakshatra


Yama the God of Dead owns Bharani. He has a very transformative life. Bharani nakshathra shows the life of a Bharani native

  • Zodiac Range  13o 20' - 26o 40' Aries
  • Ruling Planet  Venus
  • Deity  Yama, God of Death
  • Symbol  Womb, Female reproductive organ
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Ugra (Fierce)
  • Caste  Mleccha (Outcaste)
  • Animal  Male Elephant
  • Bird  Crow
  • Tree  Indian Gooseberry
  • Sounds  Lee, Loo, Lay, Low


Bharani nakshatra is ruled by Venus and it is the planet for love, money, and diplomacy. This nakshatra comes in the fire sign of Aries and that makes them very active, but they are very mild too. This nakshatra is ruled by the deity Yama, who is a happy god, but he is the ruler of the world of dead people. The symbol of this nakshatra is a female productive organ. The literal meaning of Bharani is” the Bearer or “ Shee who Bears”. Even though the symbol is the womb, this nakshatra indicates a lot of feminine energy.

Bharani natives generally have large eyes, which are very expressive, and a prominent head. Their lips are neither big nor small. However, they have a rigidness attached to their emotions as well. People may feel they are very much emotionless.

They are very much adventurous as Yama is the ruler of the world of the dead and he has the right to travel from the world of the dead to the world of living to take the lives of people. Bharani people have a belief that they have the right to judge the people.

When we look at the deity Yama, we will know that he was a family man, who stood for principles and loyalty. He is the son of Surya and he had a sister named Yami. She wanted to marry her brother Yama and was pestering him. He rejected her totally and she became so unhappy and finally, she became the river Yamuna. There is another scripture in the Rigveda which says, Yama was so angry and started to hit his mother Saranya. He was the first mortal as he was killed by Kartikeya in a war. Then he was made the ruler of the world of dead.

The animal representation of Bharani Nakshatra is “Elephant” and these animals are very calm inside. They walk slowly and they live as a group. They are very much family-oriented animals; especially mother elephants are very caring about their children and family.

This nakshatra is a “ Mleccha “ nakshatra, so we can see Bharani nakshatra natives have a severe difference of opinion with their relatives and friends, even though they are possessive about their immediate family.

Bharani people are very possessive about their family and family values. They don't like anyone pestering them. They don't need any external push to do the duties, but they will do that only whenever they can. However, they can be very revengeful and they don't easily forget their past. This nature makes them very unapproachable and people generally dislike them for this character. Others will find this person very rigid. Due to this rigidness, Bharani-born people will face a lot of issues while growing up.

Due to the influence of Venus, they are very creative. If Venus is strong, they have good creativity and if Venus is bad then they have such creativity, which attracts no one. Same in the case of sexual matters they will be in the extremes. They have a fiery nature because; they belong to the pitta sign of Aries.

Every nakshatra has a good and bad environment attached to them, but at a certain age, there will be a particular age where all the negativity will be changing and the move towards positive change will take place. For Bharani natives, this positive transformation will start in his mid-thirties.

On a positive note, Bharani natives are very joyful and they live on principles. However, their joy and the principles which they have may not be always pleasing for others. Due to their nature, we can see that they have a lot of ups and downs in their life. They are clever, creative, artistic, and materialistic. They have a lot of desires and are very ambitious in their life. Their courageous attitude will bring them a lot of opportunities.

On a negative note, they are not liked by people. They have less control over their emotions, even though in a slow mode, they will express their emotions without any check. They have a defensive nature even if they are guilty and this is the main drawback of such natives. They can also get irritated by small things. At times, they commit to those things which cannot be fulfilled by them, and that can bring issues in the relationships. If Venus is not in a good condition, they will be a spendthrift.

You are intelligent, with a quick mind and ready wit, and are mentally quite flexible. You are truthful, pious, spontaneous and optimistic. You have a strong will power, are very courageous and never shy away from a fight. You will have a long life. You are many times under the burden of responsibilities Some of you are very creative, especially in the visual arts, and may try your hand at painting and photography.

Deity : Yama

Careers ideally suited for you: Sports, music, silver dealer, Military, Chemical industry, medicine and agriculture.

Health troubles: Obesity and skin diseases syphilis, cataract and are prone to forehead injury.

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