Purva Phalguni Nakshatra


Ruled by Bhaga, the deity for Bhagya or luck, Purva phalguni is seen as a nakshatra connected to enjoyment. They worry less and focus on a materialistic path of life.

  • Zodiac Range  13o 20' - 26o 40' Leo
  • Ruling Planet  Venus
  • Deity  Bhaga
  • Symbol  Front legs of a bed, Swinging hammock, Fireplace, Platform
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Ugra (Fierce)
  • Caste  Brahmin (Priest)
  • Animal  Female Rat
  • Bird  Female Eagle


The eleventh nakshatra in the zodiac lies fully into Leo, the rasi ruled by the Sun. The ruling planet is Venus and the deity of this nakshatra is Bhaga. If we need to understand a Purva phalguni native, then it is very important to understand its deity Bhaga. This Vedic deity is an Aditya and a solar deity. The name of Bagdad is derived from this deity's name. You can see every ancient civilization has a god connecting Bhaga or Bhoga. Every Vedic deity has a duty and the duty of Bhaga is to give all the luck and pleasure to mankind. Especially this deity also rules the sexual pleasures.

The symbol of this nakshatra is the front legs of a cot, so Purva phalguni natives will be interested in enjoying their life and taking rest. After taking the rest, the person is very much refreshed, so these people take rest to get refreshed.

These natives don't like to worry and face life as it comes to them, normally we can find them in a very jolly mood. Bhagya suktam is a set of scriptures in Rigveda dedicated to pleasing this deity. If we praise a purva phalguni native he will get much pleased. These people like to dress up and live lavish life. Bhaga was also a priest in the Yaga by Daksha, so Purva phalguni natives like to know mantras and other ancient scriptures. In the Vedas, we can see when Bhaga was performing rituals Veera Bhadra blinded him, so naturally, a Pura bhalguni native will have a minor affliction to the eyes, if Venus is afflicted. After Veera bhadra, the assistant of Shiva blinded Bhaga, he started distributing honor, wealth, and all the luxuries lavishly without any control. So, the Purva phalguni natives will be very lavish. Since Bhaga was the priest conducting rituals in fire, the natives of this nakshatra tend to get burns while cooking.

These natives are very much materialistic and attracted to every materialistic perspective of their life. They will be very much interested in keeping themselves clean and beautiful. The house of these natives is very much decorated too. Since they have a materialistic perspective, they are not far-sighted. They like to show off a lot without knowing the meaning of their Karma.

These natives have negative qualities like pride, jealousy, and vengeance. They are good to go with to the parties and other celebrations. They want a lot of enjoyment in their life. They are like the beauty vloggers who buy imitation ornaments to show off, they don't realize if they collect all the money spent on these worthless ornaments, then they can buy precious gold ornaments at the end of the year which can be an investment too.

They are not here to be a part of a corporate world that is very competitive, they like a role where they can relax and work. Even though Venus is the primary ruler of this nakshatra, it also possesses the qualities of the rasi lord the Sun. According to astrology, the Sun and Venus are arch enemies, so there is an internal conflict in the heart of every Purva phalguni native. Bhaga is also the deity for luck through marriage, so we can see that these natives are very sexual and they don't mind having a lot of partners.

They like to be on the bed most of the time and it can give a feel for others that they are like couch potatoes. They are good at making friends and we can see them among a lot of friends. They will have a lot of followers or friends on the social media network. This nakshatra is also known as the bearer of seeds. Due to the rulership of Venus, these people are very creative. Many film stars are born in this nakshatra. However, they can be harsh and short-tempered at times too.

You are attractive and have a sweet speech. Your fine appearance is able to draw a large number of people towards yourself and make friends easily. You have a sophisticated and dignified bearing. You are a honest person and cannot stand back quietly and watch any illegal activity. You are also fond of opposite sex and good conveyance. You are a daring person and acts after thinking. You should be careful with your finances or you may incur a lot of debt.

Deity : Vishnu

Careers ideally suited for you: You will do well in the legal field as well as in law enforcement. Suitable for Govt. service, transport, music, sports, automobile, leather ,goods and hotel.

Health troubles: Ailments like asthma, BP, heart troubles, dental problems and abdominal.

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