Uttara Ashada Nakshatra


Uttara Ashada is the nakshatra of intellectuals and highly learned people who like to change the world

Ruled by the Sun, Uttara Ashada natives are very regal and dignified. They are charming and they have the power to control the masses.

  • Zodiac Range  26o 40'Sagittarius - 10o 00' Capricorn
  • Ruling Planet  Sun
  • Deity  Vishwadevas
  • Symbol  Elephant's tusk, planks of the bed
  • Gana  Manushya (Human)
  • Quality  Dhruva (Fixed)
  • Caste  Kshatriya (Warrior)
  • Animal  Male Mongoose
  • Bird  Stork
  • Tree  Jackfruit
  • Sounds  Bhey, Bho, Jaa, Jee


Uttaraashada falls in two signs Sagittarius and Capricorn. This nakshatra is ruled by the Sun and its deity is Viswadevas. The meaning of Uttara Ashada is “Final Victory”. “ Ashada in Sanskrit means “not to be overcome” and Uttara, “means second half”. These people may find difficulties in the first half of life, but they will find success in the second half of life. Through the difficulties, they will learn how to overcome the struggles to achieve success. They are not afraid of the challenges, but they like them and they will take necessary actions to overcome those challenges.

Uttara Ashada natives are very social and they will be very busy in socialization. Despite the sign, the Uttara Ashada native will be focusing on making many contacts from social networking as well. If the nakshatra lord Sun is not well placed, then there will be issues from such contacts.

Since the symbol is Elephant's tusk, and tusk is used for digging, lifting objects, gathering food, stripping bark from trees to eat, and defense. Tusk is the tooth of an elephant and these people will have dental issues. They always like to munch something and they will be foodies too. Uttara Ashada nakshatra will be able to write novels or research papers as well. Writing will be a part of their life. Since Tusk indicates digging, they have sharp intellect as well. They like to dress up on all occasions too.

The ruling deity of this nakshatra is Viswadewas, a group of devas. They are known as the “Universal gods”. They are (1) Ādityas (2) Viśvas or Viśvedevas (3) Vasus (4) Tuṣitas (5) Ābhāsvaras (6) Anilas (7) Mahārājikas (8) Sādhyas (9) Rudras. They are very virtuous and guard the purity and goodness of the universe. So, Uttara Ashada also indicates the goodness in the universe. Uttara Ashada is almost like Purvashada and both the nakshatras have the same qualities but are expressed in different ways. The qualities and more clear in Uttara Ashada.

The Sun is the ruling planet and it is also known as the king of the zodiac. It is a very royal planet, so Uttara ashada people are also very royal and dignified. They always like to keep the decorum and they like to listen to others as well. The Uttara Ashada natives who belong to the rasi of Sagittarius and are very dutiful, and those natives who belong to Capricorn rasi are very just. They are always careful to represent themselves in a very dignified way.

On a negative note, these natives are very much egoistic. Since the Sun is the planet for ego and royalty, Uttara Ashada natives will be very much careful about their acceptance. They cannot adjust with those people who don't accept their privacy and personality. They may display and a lot of humility, but they may not be like that in real. They will try to solve others' issues and they may not be aware of the harm that lies in that. Through that, they will take up more difficulties. However, they can be slightly intolerant too.

They like traditional values; still, they will accept revolutionary ideas too. These people have a lot of solar energy, so, they have a lot of principles that they follow in their life. This nakshatra is very much ideal for new beginnings too. At times, they behave like activists and they want a very peaceful and happy world and they are ready to express their opinion.

There is a lot of expectation from others, so the Uttara Ashada natives can get some setbacks if they are looking for acceptance. They must stop interfering in others' life; otherwise, there will be a lot of challenges in their life. They will be leading a group naturally and they have the power to charm people. In romance, they want a partner who complements them, so marital issues are normal for Uttara Ashada natives.

You are Obedient, grateful, fond of music, dance; interested in learning and in higher education. Always ready to help the needy. You have a sunny disposition and are fun to be with. You have many friends and are liked by all. People look up to you and turn to you for help and guidance. You are peace-loving.

Deity : Vishwadevas

Careers ideally suited for you: Research, mine engineer, underground works, irrigation, Teaching, Counseling, Intellectual activities, banking, publishing etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from complaints like stomach and abdominal ailments, eye problems ,eczema, skin diseases, digestive problems etc.

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