Destiny Number 6


About Destiny Number 6

The number 6, ruled by Venus, is one of the most blessed numbers. Without facing many hassles in life, you are gifted with a luxurious and comfortable life all throughout. There are people around to serve to your wishes and you are fortunate enough to sit around and order.

Luxury, money, and comfort are something; you are entitled to from the birth itself. No matter what kind of a family you belong to, your wants and desires would always be catered to.

You have a kind and friendly nature and people are easily attracted to you. If you are not born with wealth, you will soon achieve it. Money drives your life entirely. Even your emotions are overshadowed when money is involved. You are ungrateful to people and look forward to reaping monetary benefits from whoever you can. If you make a sacrifice for someone there is a big possibility that you have monetary gains involved there. You will make good professionals in the field of medical, politics and law. When the number 6 is afflicted, you become brutally cruel and selfish and do whatever it takes to get back to your comfort zone. You do not even mind cheating or lying to make a living.

No matter situation you go through, at the end of the day you will turn the situation in your favor because you are born to enjoy. If your name number also sums up to be 6 then it is certain that name, fame, and prosperity are what your lifestyle cards hold on. Your numerology prediction calls out several times that you are born with gifts and riches.

Remedies for Number 6:
  • Donate curd to poor on Friday.
  • Keep a Tulsi leave in mouth also put in food.
  • Light a Diya in front of the Tulsi plant in the evening.
  • Perform  Shukra Puja
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