Six Six


6 and 6: The combination of 6 and 6 is highly compatible because of their needs being the same. A splendor of romance thoroughly charges up the relationship. The family life is equally important to both of them. Thus, the family is always kept at a priority. This couple nurtures and showers each other with care and affection.

The problem that this couple is likely to face is that both the partners have a controlling nature. Both possess a desire of giving the last word on the important matters of the family affair, this is where a little compromise will help them reach a common ground to make a final decision.

They will be able to reach to a mutual decision as to who holds the power or may even decide to give a team decision. In the case of an argument, they will be quick to resolve it. With little efforts, the relationship will be long lasting. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 6 and 6, you should perform the Venus Puja.

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Compatibility of Number six with all other Numbers

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